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jump the queue

To go ahead of someone or multiple people who have been waiting before one. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I wanted to shout at the man for jumping the queue, but I was too embarrassed about making a scene. There has been public outrage after it came to light that some people had been jumping the queue for surgery appointments because they had a friend or relative working at the hospital.
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queue up (for something)

To get into a line to wait (for something). Sometimes also modified by "for (some amount of time)" immediately after "queue up." Primarily heard in UK. I hate having to queue up so early just to get tickets. The new restaurant has already become a huge success, with people queuing up for hours for a seat each night. We queued up for a chance to meet the author.
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queue up (for something)

to line up for something. (*Typically British.) We had to queue up for tickets to the play. You must queue up here to get in.
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jump the queue

1 push into a queue of people in order to be served or dealt with before your turn. 2 take unfair precedence over others.
The US version of this expression is jump in line .
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jump the ˈqueue

(British English) (American English jump the ˈline, cut in ˈline) go to the front of a line of people without waiting for your turn: I get very angry with people who jump the queue. ▶ ˈqueue-jumping (British English) (American English ˈline-jumping less frequent) noun: This practice encourages queue-jumping for medical services.
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queue up

1. To form an ordered sequence or line; line up: The patrons queued up outside the theater. The customers queued up at the ticket booth.
2. To order some set of things to deal with them in sequence; line up something: Queue up the children, and I'll serve them lunch. We'll queue the applicants up and interview them one at a time.
See also: queue, up
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Figure 15 shows a graph of average waiting time of voice and video packets as a function of load due to voice packets under MMPP/M/1 queue system.
Figure 16 shows a graph of average waiting time of voice and video packets as a function of arrival rate of voice packets under MMPP/M/1 queue system.
The effective load allows for calculating the blocking probability bk in the kth queue. Indeed, noting that all accepted customers must be served, we have
Notice that [b.sub.k] only depends on the queue capacity through [[rho].sub.eff].
AQMRD introduces a new parameter, the change rate of average queue size, which reflects the current change direction of queue size.
And next establish a system model which can predict the change trend of queue size in the soon future based on the change rate of average queue size and the network traffic loads.
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(1) We obtained the upstream different turning flows in real time at intervals of 5 seconds and fully considered the discrete characteristics of the vehicle to predict downstream vehicle arrival, which overcame the limitation of the uniform arrival assumption in previous research on queue length estimation.
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Hannah Graham talks to the queue on Record Store Day
Reflex owner Alan Jordan told Chronicle Live: "It's absolutely huge, people will queue for hours, because you have to go to a record shop, you can't get these things online."
Many petrol stations were shut due to lack of products while the few ones selling were having fewer queues when compared with what happened on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day.
Oando, Mobil, Conoil, and Total filling stations situated along Maryland axis were dispensing fuel to motorists but the queues were not long.
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The aim is to cut down lengthy queues at fuel stations.