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of Chicago, emeritus) encourages readers to approach Shakespeare aggressively, interactively, and questioningly and to think of themselves as armchair directors, deciding what the actors should wear, what social class they represent, why they are there, and what they want.
This is not the place to work out a detailed interpretation of the account of Ruinanz developed in this "verbose, baroque, and turgid" course of lectures composed during a period of transition in Heidegger's rapidly developing conception of philosophy and the life it questioningly serves.
The kids are looking at him questioningly, and the wife disapprovingly, but he doesn't care; he's listening to a sermon on the radio.
I didn't miss, I couldn't have missed I thought, as Steve looked at me questioningly.
She would have forgotten everything at the sight, even the dry bodies of the hanged men swaying above her, who seemed to bump together questioningly, had not the black dog begun to dig on his own under the tripod.
At first his father looked at the vase in Tom's hand questioningly.
2) The final sentences of the final chapter questioningly titled A Better World?
She looked at me questioningly, and I assured her that since there was nothing clandestine in my request that she could go ahead.
Betty looked at him questioningly, and he said, "I have to put on the chains to make it up the mountain.
Success, for a philosophy professor, is a student who sees the world differently, who reasons more tightly, who reads and listens both more curiously and more questioningly.
They go to the bar to get the drinks and I look at him questioningly.
Aristotle questioningly nods toward Ptolemy) Most accurate accounts place Nicolaus at roughly 100 to 150 years AD, Anno Domini, or, years after the birth of Christ.
did remark that whenever she finds someone looking at her walker questioningly, she attempts to smile or initiate conversation and encourage people to ask questions.
When the witness looked questioningly at the lawyer, the judge clarified his instructions by adding "Sir, you are discharged.
Jonathan Daniels of Raleigh, North Carolina, told me that as a small boy that season he saw a whole row of elderly ladies bustle into their box seats, take one look toward third base, look questioningly at one another, twitter about the sun being hot, and walk out.