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When Rhee and her party rang the bell at the entrance, the principal herself opened the gate and gazed at them questioningly. She had no idea who Rhee was.
(Adorno, well known for often quoting Stendhal's dictum that beauty is a promesse du bonheur, is I think closer to Keats's point of view when he writes of the temporal duplicity of this experience: "beauty is perceived both as authoritatively binding and as something incomprehensible that questioningly awaits its solution." (10) Beauty could not be a promise of happiness were there not some fulfillment of that promise, however delicately posited, from the start.
I recall working with a delightful deaf and dumb girl who, when entering my office and on being asked to Take a chair', literally took me to my word, picked up a chair and looked at me questioningly (or should I have said 'questioningly, she looked at me?,).
Metz describes this posture, intriguingly, as an "attunement." The human person is that creature who is always "questioningly attuned" to a possible word from God in history.
I wasn't a young school girl and other people in the metro used to look at me questioningly, "Why is she studying?" It gave me a sense of self confidence and defiance.
The muscular man indicated his burly friend sitting next to him and raised his eyebrows questioningly.
His godlike head, impetuously proud, Raised questioningly to the eyes of Life; Then, as if she had something sad to tell, Drooping in sudden wistful prescience; Arms drooping likewise.
Olivier stopped in his hypnotic movements, eyed them mockingly, lifted up his arms and with each index finger pointing at a murderer said "well" questioningly. Each finger then crooked as, after a pause, he said "then" and the movement and tone suggested he wanted them to move nearer to him.
Stevens, being true to herself entails a modesty that other pageant participants--and judges--eye questioningly. She refuses to budge from a one-piece swimsuit, for example, and so clean is her taste in evening gowns that they've all been custom made--none of them sleeveless or with "spaghetti" straps.
One of the students looks questioningly at the student affairs professional, "Well, what are you going to do about that?" (Pope, Reynolds, & Mueller, 2004, pp.
'Yes.' Rob stops and looks at me questioningly. 'If you need them they are in the kitchen drawer.'
of Chicago, emeritus) encourages readers to approach Shakespeare aggressively, interactively, and questioningly and to think of themselves as armchair directors, deciding what the actors should wear, what social class they represent, why they are there, and what they want.
One called to him loudly, questioningly. He didn't answer to her since he did not know the words to say.
This is not the place to work out a detailed interpretation of the account of Ruinanz developed in this "verbose, baroque, and turgid" course of lectures composed during a period of transition in Heidegger's rapidly developing conception of philosophy and the life it questioningly serves.
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