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Isabella said questioningly, remembering their long-standing Sunday lunch at Anthony's club, where he'd been a member for donkey's years.
The report which came out in 2000 was surprisingly and questioningly was not marked sealed or confidential.
They yelled "Hullo" and then looked at each other questioningly as much as to say "What is it?
A minute after that, Leverkusen equalised, Moyes turned questioningly to his assistant Steve Round and all United's uncertainties came bubbling to the surface.
Anwar Congo at the end is pictured vomiting on a rooftop, as if his misdeeds, or even his "sins" (a word he questioningly utters just once) are forcing their way out--but this viewer considers that scene possibly just a theatrical retching and not a true vomiting.
He looked questioningly at Garcia who nodded his head.
He paused, looked questioningly at me, and went back to looking out the window.
I raised my eyebrows questioningly, and then my face darkened.
When I finished my sentence, I realized that everyone in the room was looking at me questioningly as they had heard my remark.
Water supply line has been laid but water is not being supplied, how ironical it is, said a government employee looking questioningly at water supply facility.
She added: "Olaf's gonna be hanging around now and then observing s*** so if you see a strange looking brown-haired man smiling at you questioningly with beer in both hands that will be him.
Villa defender James Collins looks questioningly at his team-mates after Liverpool take an early lead in Sunday's game at Villa Park.
When Rhee and her party rang the bell at the entrance, the principal herself opened the gate and gazed at them questioningly.
Adorno, well known for often quoting Stendhal's dictum that beauty is a promesse du bonheur, is I think closer to Keats's point of view when he writes of the temporal duplicity of this experience: "beauty is perceived both as authoritatively binding and as something incomprehensible that questioningly awaits its solution.
The muscular man indicated his burly friend sitting next to him and raised his eyebrows questioningly.