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The shoe dropped to the ground, and he sat looking fixedly at the questioner.
I have no doubt, Twenty Eight,' returned the questioner, 'that the gentleman you refer to feels very strongly - as we all must - what you have so properly said.
replied Joe, contriving in the course of some arrangements about the hearth, to advance close to his questioner and pluck him by the sleeve, 'I didn't see the young lady, you know.
He had resumed his listening attitude, and looked intently at his questioner while the demand was made; but it was twice repeated before he seemed to hear it, and then he only muttered that he was an old man--an old man--and so, dropping into a whisper, was silent again.
Rokesmith was the questioner, and put an arm round the poor baby as he made a struggle.
Again she was besieged by eager questioners, and again she swam in sunset seas of glory.
They were at once ascribed to Poe, and in order to satisfy questioners, an editorial paragraph subsequently appeared saying they were by "A.
The questioner apparently expressed hatred toward the Muslim community in the United States.
Question 1: A questioner from Dubai asks: I worked with a company for more than two years.
The questioner wants to ask, "When did you commit your life to the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour?
Hollywood star Robert Redford's response to a questioner who asked if he was considering entering politics.
Fellow student Aditi Rangan was the chairperson and Olivia Brightling was questioner on the topic "social media is making us anything but sociable".
Libyan General Attorney office is investigating an incident, captured on video and circulated on Facebook, in which the president of the General National Congress (GNC), Nouri Abu Sahmain was grilled by a questioner about why two women visited his residence at night.
Tool for measuring this research is questioner necessary information for this measuring research hypothesis will gather by awritten questioner.
Having triumphed as Merseyside winners of the national school debating contest, the Archbishop Beck team joined seven other teams in the final with Lewis taking on the role of questioner, ably supported by fellow students Ellis Howard and Michael McAnaulty, both 16, who took on the roles of chairman and speaker respectively.