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He agreed to a questioner that Pakistan's performance in the test cricket has gone down and attributed it to various reasons and said 'PCB has taken a number of steps to address this issue by revamping the existing domestic structure which will help in enhancing the quality of the domestic cricket, helping the players to play longer innings and to adopt the longest version of the game with a mind set required in the test cricket."
QUESTIONER: Yes, just to clarify, following the last question.
He told another questioner that Pakistan is always ready for negotiations and dialogue for peaceful resolution of issues.
Answer: If the questioner did not do any wrong act against his employer and the employer's claim is not true, I advise the questioner not to submit his resignation so that it does not affect his end-of-service gratuity as well as his legal position, especially since the questioner is working under a limited contract.
The questioner then told the politician that this was the scheme he was proposing to the public, resulting in applause from other members of the audience.
The questioner asked for the envoy's response to Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier telling the French Senate that the MMRCA (Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft) deal for 126 Rafale fighter jets was being renegotiated by the Indian government, contrary to the claims of the NDA government that it had been scrapped.
"Could a system be put in place to ensure that the panel is more representative of our society?" said the questioner.
The questioner also asked Mr Rehman why they had not been granted land for a graveyard.
That said, the questioner did respond to Bowler's answer, saying "an awful lot of fans" were deeply concerned by the scandal and its impact on the club's standing within football.
I would like to clarify to the questioner that if the contract for a limited period is terminated pre-term, the questioner will lose her labour rights except the right related to leaves.
The questioner was asked to repeat the question, which he did, emphasizing the antifree trade and antiglobalization feelings of developed countries.
What works for a Questioner won't necessarily work for a Rebel.
But he failed to admit that with Liberal Democrats you also need two faces" Angela Eagle, MP "Writing an erotic sex scene is always fun" Author Jackie Collins "Are you crazy?" Hollywood star Robert Redford's response to a questioner who asked if he was considering entering politics.
"Questioner 7: Who created Buddha?/Kun Sunim: All sentient beings did./Questioner 7: It's often said that 'I' doesn't exist, but if that's true, then what is this that's speaking to you now?