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In the same spirit, while you are open to being questioned, question the questioner or his question.
The tried and true leadership formula when being questioned consists of: listening, reflecting, responding and reacting.
In retrospect, I was far more productive working for them than I was working for the boss that questioned everything I did and didn't do.
One recent study (Herring, 2000) found that although faculty respondents feel positive about the Web, they expressed concerns about their students' ability to evaluate Internet resources and questioned the accuracy and reliability of Web resources.
Indeed, a number of historians have questioned the very authenticity of the feminist label in its application to the Polish women's movement.
When the content of a question or its answer is questioned by a Member, the Speaker is challenged to make a ruling based on the rather ambiguous notion of what is an "urgent nature relating to public affairs".
Until recently the agency's regional Commissioners were actually political appointees--many of whom openly questioned the authority of the national commissioner in Washington.
A member of the staff of the Ways and Means Committee questioned the Service's authority to issue these regulations without specific legislation.