question of

question of something

a matter of something; a problem of something. It's not a matter of not wanting to go to the opera. It's a question of money.
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If the driving question of our life is "How can I make my pile as big as I can as fast as I can and retire as early as I can?
On the other hand, undoubtedly there was an intelligent design but, in my opinion, it is not a question of an alternative scientific theory to the theory of evolution.
Regarding our central question of potential harm to children, the published literature contained some information about the product, including an in vitro toxicity model, but traditional published resources and a network of environmental health experts could not establish the product's safety in use with children.
It also reviewed the strategies of environmental protection adopted by Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment (CAMRE) in the Abu Dhabi Declaration of 2001, that advocated an institutional approach to deal with the question of the environment, and finally recommended a pan Arab cooperation to deal with the question of the environment.
To return to one of the above examples, raising the question of how the workplace affects the workers can start a manager thinking about a host of potentially important issues such as how the workplace setup affects workers' activities, efficiency, and mood.
Nearly one in 20 voters across the state in Tuesday's election, and nearly twice that many in Los Angeles County, skipped the key question of whether to recall Gov.
As this same transition also inspired the rise of modern political movements and mass organizations, particularly those of a patriotic and nationalist flavor, women's participation in them automatically drew unprecedented attention to the question of women's roles in the modern and variously imagined Polish nation and civil society.
In some ways this set of criteria is similar to the (rarely asked) question of what sort of citations are in a printed source.
The question of what is on the test will also be revisited.
In McNeil, the Court was confronted with the question of whether an invocation of the sixth amendment right to counsel encompassed an invocation of the Miranda right to counsel as well.
A question of how something becomes about something else--an interruption by which time is marked, the music of the body scored.
Question 3 (what will happen): "Increasing numbers of elderly will make the question of funding long-term care a political football, with increasing regulations and greater scrutiny of rates charged for long-term health care services.
com is the only free service where serious investors can ask a question of any publicly traded company, and soon after see the company's answer.
This raises the question of whether law enforcement officers understand how to interview children effectively when faced with cases of this nature.
com The site now features more interactive capabilities including a question of the day, viewer feedback and a multimedia tour.