question mark over

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question mark over

An element of doubt surrounding the quality, ability, or future of (something). If we don't secure new funding soon, there is going to be a question mark over the future of this agency. The recent media coverage of the scandal has left a question mark over whether he should remain CEO of the company.
See also: mark, over, question

a ˈquestion mark hangs over somebody/something


there’s a ˈquestion mark (hanging) over somebody/something

there is some doubt about somebody/something: A question mark hangs over the future of this club.There’s a question mark over his loyalty to the company.
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Most of these emanate from the same line of thinking that slashed question marks over T20 cricket when it was first ushered in 14 years ago.
While T20 almost threatened the existence of ODIs by slashing question marks over the existence of the 15-35 overs period, T10 is putting similar doubts over the 6-14 overs in T20s.
ISLAMABAD -- Former Pakistan captain, Wasim Akram has raised question marks over the captaincy of Misbah-ul-Haq and said the PCB needs to appoint a brave and aggressive skipper for the 2015 World Cup.
The England and Wales Cricket Board's managing director Hugh Morris will address the media later today, raising question marks over the future of Strauss.
as australia's total of 239 was comfortably chased down with five overs and four wickets to spare, there was no debate about the venue's suitability, no question marks over the wicket and no rain to spoil the day.
Brendan McCullum, Daniel Vettori and Ross Taylor are superb one-day performers for the Black Caps but there have to be question marks over some of their other Recommendation Sell J Franklin performance 1pt at 35 Sporting Index In his last nine ODIs, Franklin's performances have made up at two, zero, 33, 12, 10, 19, 32, 22 and 30.
DEFENDING champions Sri Lanka secured the win over Zimbabwe they needed to keep alive their World Cup hopes - but there are still huge question marks over their batting.
Take it with a pinch of salt but at least the Foxes have raised question marks over the visitors again.