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in quest of (something)

Hunting, seeking, or searching for something. I'm going to town in quest of a new book to read. The border is always filled with refugees in quest of a better future. Tommy been in quest of a
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quest for (someone or something)

To hunt, seek, or search for something. We've been questing for locations to shoot our new film. The border is always filled with refugees questing for a better future.
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in quest of someone or something

 and in search of someone or something
seeking or hunting something; trying to find something. They went into town in quest of a reasonably priced restaurant. Monday morning I'll go out in search of a job.
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quest for someone or something

to seek after someone or something. Martin is off questing for a book on baroque organ building. She is questing for a better way to do it.
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in search of

Also, in quest of. Looking for, seeking, as in They went to California in search of gold, or I went to the library in quest of a quiet place to read. The first term dates from the mid-1400s, the second from the second half of the 1500s.
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see under in search of.
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In 2017 sales doubled compared to 2016, thanks in part to the newly introduced Quester truck.
Last year, sales doubled in the kingdom compared to 2016, thanks in part to the newly-introduced Quester truck.
Layers of containment are many: six months of prayer and preparation by making the string of prayer flags, the many supporters who keep the fire and the Inipi and who eat for the questers while they are out, the ongoing Inipi as a womb holding the questers through their "rebirth", the Elders administering the ceremony and the lineage of ancestors before them, and finally, the four directions which are symbolized by the string of prayer flags, and the other two directions, Father Sky (spirit) and Mother Earth (nature).
The Quester range was developed with a Japanese hands- on, field-oriented approach.
According to Pappu, Quester and Cooksey (2007), country brand equity, unlike individual brand equity, refers to intangible assets and liabilities shared with the brands of one same country.
Put simply, questers can possess mature social personality features--a social sophistication (Grief & Hogan, 1973).
It is stated by Farrelly and Quester (2005) that "It seems logical to argue here that trust and commitment are key factors of satisfaction, a more general concept and a closer determinant of their decision to extend, renew, or terminate the sponsorship relationship.
Sport sponsorship can be viewed as a strategic business-to-business (B2B) relationship between a sponsor and a sport entity or athlete for mutual benefit (Farrelly & Quester, 2005a).
He recklessly requests to become a quester by traveling to Tubaygat and petitioning the Sabbah Eid for inhuman strength and invincibility.
Quester provides a scholarly discussion of where weapons were and where they are going.
Diana Lien, Aline Quester, and Robert Shuford, Center for Naval Analyses, "Marine Corps Deployment Tempo and Retention from FY04 to FY07"
Indeed, Pappu, Quester, and Cooskey (2007) recently show that the (micro and macro) image of a particular country significantly influences the consumer-based brand equity of specific products or brands from that country.
But Tom's romantic lineage as a lone, visionary quester, as opposed to his realistic-naturalistic role as a clear-sighted, participatory narrator, might have been clearer had Williams taken himself at his word in the Production Notes to The Glass Menagerie: