quest for

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quest for someone or something

to seek after someone or something. Martin is off questing for a book on baroque organ building. She is questing for a better way to do it.
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The quest for fun family entertainment is over as Warner Home Video's "Quest For Camelot" debuts nationwide, Oct.
OMC) and Oppenheimer Capital announced today that they had signed a definitive agreement whereby OMC will, subject to certain conditions, acquire the assets of 12 of Oppenheimer Capital's Quest for Value Funds.
The transaction has been approved by the Boards of Oppenheimer and Quest for Value Funds but is subject to the approval of the Quest for Value Fund shareholders.
The 12 Quest for Value Funds had total net assets, as of July 31, 1995, of approximately $1.
Under the terms of the agreement, the portfolios of the six equity funds -- Quest for Value Fund Inc.
Each of the six Quest for Value fixed-income funds will be merged into funds currently managed by Oppenheimer Management Corp.