queer for

queer for (one)

slang Sexually attracted to one when the resulting pairing would not be heterosexual, especially a male for another male. Often used in an offensive derogatory manner to suggest that some male is homosexual. The two boys began spending a lot of time together, until other boys began teasing that they were queer for each other. Every time I see her on a cover I get more queer for Jasmine.
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queer for something

Inf. in the mood for something; desiring something. (Old.) I'm queer for a beer right now. She's queer for him because of his money.
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(48) This demonstrates the perceived suitability of queer for people of multiple marginalities and that queer itself also acknowledges such intersections.
In my mind, Queer Eye's biggest triumph is that it has effectively neutralized the word queer for the foreseeable future.