quarrel with (something)

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quarrel with (something)

To disagree with, argue against, or complain about something. As much as I was disappointed by it, I couldn't quarrel with her assessment of my assignment. You can disagree with my opinions, but you can't quarrel with facts.
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quarrel with something

to argue against something; to have a complaint about something. I can't quarrel with that. Does anyone want to quarrel with that last remark?
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quarrel with

1. To have an argument or dispute with someone: The coach quarreled with the umpire.
2. To have a complaint about something; disagree with something: I can't quarrel with the test results.
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References in classic literature ?
Sometimes one prince quarrels with another for fear the other should quarrel with him.
According to police, 35-year-old Akbar, son of Ramzan, resident of village Mirzapur, had had quarrels with his wife Sughran Bibi.
Individuals in other cultures come into contact with similar types of people, but the question is whether one quarrels with such people or debates with them, given that culture may influence the acceptability of arguing.
Also, Mantik's quarrels with the way the physicians measured--or, in Mantik's opinion, mismeasured--Kennedy's wounds.
This jumble of earnest ignorance, dogmatic arrogance, naive utopianism, unabashed political special pleading, and uncritical faith in what has come to be known in the humanities and many of the social sciences as "postmodern theory" constitutes the platform of the "academic left" mentioned in the subtitle of Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science, by Paul R.