quarrel with (something)

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quarrel with (something)

To disagree with, argue against, or complain about something. As much as I was disappointed by it, I couldn't quarrel with her assessment of my assignment. You can disagree with my opinions, but you can't quarrel with facts.
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quarrel with something

to argue against something; to have a complaint about something. I can't quarrel with that. Does anyone want to quarrel with that last remark?
See also: quarrel
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quarrel with

1. To have an argument or dispute with someone: The coach quarreled with the umpire.
2. To have a complaint about something; disagree with something: I can't quarrel with the test results.
See also: quarrel
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References in classic literature ?
The children ran wild all over the house; the English governess quarreled with the housekeeper, and wrote to a friend asking her to look out for a new situation for her; the man-cook had walked off the day before just at dinner time; the kitchen-maid, and the coachman had given warning.
At first this flattered Pope's vanity, but after a little he quarreled with his old friend and left him.
Police said Friday that Muhammad Ejaz s/o Ahmad Din r/o chak 26/NB quarreled with his nephews over family matters on Thursday night; in a fit of rage the accused nephews Rashid and Fahad s/o Muhammad Mumtaz tortured to death his uncle Muhammad Ejaz and fled from the scene.
He said that Ashraf and his other family members including mother-in-law Rasheeda Bib and brothers-in-law Ahmed Raza, Muhammad Sarwar and Amin quarreled with her and later the shot her dead.
Being a 'mama's boy' proved to be the undoing of a policeman who was arrested and charged for attacking a neighbor who had quarreled with his mother in Paranaque City.
Police said that Waris Shahzad son of Mohammad Rafi resident of village Bhabhra Tehsil Kotmoman quarreled with his sister over talking on cell-phone to someone else and in a fit of rage the accused Waris pushed her sister Ishrat on the ground as a result her neck broken and she died on the spot.
They debated/discussed issues with their friends, z = 2.70, p < .01, and professional others (e.g., work colleagues), z = 2.36, p < .05, more than they quarreled with such individuals.
Police said on Thursday, Muhammad Mujahid (father of 5 children) resident of chak 82/NB used to quarrel with his son Muhammad Haseeb over minor issue.On the day of incident, Mujahid quarreled with his son and in a fit of rage,the accused son allegedly shot dead his father and managed to escape.
Police said that Mohammad Iqbal of Bhabhrra tehsil Kotmomin had quarreled with his cousin Mohammad Khurram over a family issue two days back.
On the day of the incident her brother Sardar Bukhsh quarreled with her over some family matter and in a fit of rage he shot her dead.He threw her body in lower Jhelum canal.