quarrel with

quarrel (with one) over (something)

To fight, argue, or dispute (with one) about some specific issue or topic. I don't want to quarrel over money—let's just enjoy our vacation and worry about finances when we're back home. I ended up quarreling with my teacher over the grade she gave me for my project.
See also: over, quarrel

quarrel with (something)

To disagree with, argue against, or complain about something. As much as I was disappointed by it, I couldn't quarrel with her assessment of my assignment. You can disagree with my opinions, but you can't quarrel with facts.
See also: quarrel

quarrel with something

to argue against something; to have a complaint about something. I can't quarrel with that. Does anyone want to quarrel with that last remark?
See also: quarrel

quarrel with

1. To have an argument or dispute with someone: The coach quarreled with the umpire.
2. To have a complaint about something; disagree with something: I can't quarrel with the test results.
See also: quarrel
References in classic literature ?
And again every detail of his quarrel with his wife was present to his imagination, all the hopelessness of his position, and worst of all, his own fault.
Glegg's day, and at that particular period in her family history when she had had her quarrel with Mr.
It was the book she was accustomed to lay open before her on special occasions,--on wet Sunday mornings, or when she heard of a death in the family, or when, as in this case, her quarrel with Mr.
This caused a quarrel with Addison, for Pope thought he had given him bad advice through jealousy.
A BIG Nation having a quarrel with a Little Nation, resolved to terrify its antagonist by a grand naval demonstration in the latter's principal port.
He was angry with himself, and when Sharp came in a little while afterwards he seized upon the first opportunity to quarrel with him.
If they quarrel with a friend and lose him, they drink.
He had espoused Clam's side of the quarrel with Nelson.
On the afternoon of July 17th, continued Counsel, immediately after the quarrel with her son, Mrs.
Sometimes one prince quarrels with another for fear the other should quarrel with him.
Son of Atreus, check your anger, I implore you; end this quarrel with Achilles, who in the day of battle is a tower of strength to the Achaeans.
MANDI BAHUDDIN -- aA man allegedly killed his infant son during a quarrel with wife here on Tuesday.
In February 2011, Iqbal stabbed his daughter to death after a quarrel with his wife.
According to OCPD Joseph Cheruiyot, preliminary investigations established that the teenager had picked a quarrel with his father the previous day.
I never wanted quarrel with anybody so I wished President Trump that he will honor our obligations and treaties with the US,' he said.