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QUARREL WITH WIFHis mother, Getrude Adongo, told Nation that her son had issues with his wife since Friday last week after it emerged that she had used some money he had set aside to buy a motorcycle for boda boda business he intended to start."He has been quarrelling with the wife since Friday, accusing her of taking his money intended for boda boda business.
RAWALPINDI -- A police officer was allegedly assaulted by a Punjab minister and a group of political workers after a minor quarrel over a car carrying a provincial minister driving on the wrong side of the road descended into chaos.
F A I S A L A B A D -- Youth has been gunned down over petty quarrel in Faisalabad.
it is further told that Zahid hussain on some issue picked up quarrel with his wife on 11.03.2018, During the quarrel in between husband and wife, their son Shumaim intervened to stop them for doing so but they did not stop, on this point the father shot his son to death in the limit of Ugoki Police Station.
Court records stated that the girl was playing with other children at the birthday party in the compound near the neighbour's home when a quarrel broke out between her and the neighbour's child.
The Command said in a press statement that "a joint security force from the Police Command of Maysan arrested the shooters as a result of a quarrel between two parties occurred in the new Ma'almeen district, that led to the injury of one of the parties to the quarrel who is required to justice under Judicial Article (430) four days ago.
A policeman was arrested for indiscriminate firing during a quarrel with his wife in Quezon City on Thursday.
REUTERS/Joshua Lott CAIRO - 5 January 2018: A security source on Friday denied rumors that were spread by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group that a quarrel between "political detainees" and criminal inmates in Kerdasa police station in Giza left some people dead.
14 -- Even among the happiest couples a quarrel can break out without a valid reason despite they believe they are the most perfect couples in the world.
Member of parliament Zeinab Salem was assaulted on Friday by a police officer from Nasr City police department following a quarrel, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported.
In Lahore's Johar town UC115 a quarrel erupted between female voters of PTI and PMLN over who will vote first.
BDI's Information Center refuted the information that there was a quarrel in the party seat resulting with a fight.
Walton (1998) explained that the prototypical example of an eristic dialogue, and the most frequent in everyday interactions, is a quarrel. While other forms of dialogue are constructive and follow logical reasoning, the quarrel is often destructive, plagued by logical fallacies, and highly emotional.
The quarrel exposed among police and the group after they refused to leave the building and resisted the police.
Summary: The main suspect in a quarrel over a women that led to the killing of three men and the suicide of a fourth was arrested in the Akkar village of Halba, the National News Agency reported Sunday evening.