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Quantum Leap ranked 17th out of 103 entries for turf quality in the final summary of the 1995 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials for Kentucky bluegrass (Morris, 2001).
Among its many uses, Quantum Leap Innovations envisions Quantum Leap Buzz as a tool for tracking news bias and inaccuracy-comparing the news media's angle and coverage of a particular story with public sentiment analysis gathered by Quantum Leap Buzz.
Q: What is the nickname of the Quantum Leap computer?
No other series before or since has been able to match Quantum Leap for its simultaneous ability to explore the future while simultaneously recalling the past.
Quantum Leap Innovations is offering the BETA version of Quantum Leap Buzz as a free download at quantumleapbuzz.
The Quantum Leap award is in recognition of the effort, dedication and willingness of the entire team here at Bridgend to embrace change and improve our performance, " he said.
If your answer is "no," then this publication will help you create a game plan that will get you moving on the right path for you, so you launch your quantum leap to success
Quantum Leap Packaging is located in Wilmington, MA and San Diego, CA.
Intelliden solutions embody the essential quantum leap in technology needed to keep pace with the rapid growth of traffic and deployment of new services over IP networks.
The introduction of the MPSim multi-CPU simulator provides a quantum leap in verification performance to the industry and enables AXIOM to offer a complete solution to its customers.
Quantum Leap Technology Award: Creative Recycling Systems (www.
QuickBackup mode simplifies immediate backup requirements via familiar drag-and-drop operation from the Desktop and then simply clicking the "Start Backup" button - a quantum leap in ease-of-use backup operations
QLP is entering a new phase of global expansion where we need to quickly ramp volume manufacturing, develop second sources around the world, and support Sumitomo, our strategic partner in Japan," said Mike Zimmerman, Founder and CTO of Quantum Leap Packaging.
The Stockert S5 represents a quantum leap in perfusion technology and the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in extracorporeal perfusion system design and manufacturing" said Jim Trevor, Country Manager, USA Commercial Operations and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, PBMS.
A physicist-turned-prolific-writer, he is among the most engaging and thoughtful of quantum explainers, and Quantum Leaps provides one of the best concise guides available to what the fuss is all about.