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quantum leap

A sudden or important change or improvement. Gary's new job in upper management is a quantum leap forward from his old position at the factory.
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quantum jump

A sudden or important change or improvement. That brand-new shopping center is a quantum jump from the old, run-down mall that used to be in that location.
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quantum leap

A dramatic advance, especially in knowledge or method, as in Establishing a central bank represents a quantum leap in this small country's development. This term originated as quantum jump in the mid-1900s in physics, where it denotes a sudden change from one energy state to another within an atom. Within a decade it was transferred to other advances, not necessarily sudden but very important ones.
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a quantum leap

A quantum leap is a very great and sudden increase in the size, amount, or quality of something. The vaccine represents a quantum leap in healthcare. The scale of migration took a quantum leap in the early 1970s. Note: People sometimes say a quantum jump with the same meaning. We want a quantum jump in exports.
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quantum leap

a sudden large increase or advance.
A literal quantum leap is the abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another.
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a quantum ˈleap

(also a quantum ˈjump less frequent) a sudden very large increase, advance or improvement in something: This latest research represents a quantum leap in our understanding of the universe.The quantum leap in writing technology came with the introduction of personal computers.
In physics, a quantum jump is a sudden change in a physical quality such as energy from one fixed level to another.
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If so, the horizontal motion of neutrons (with an average velocity of [approximately equal to]5 m/s) is ruled by the classical laws, while in the vertical direction one observes the quantum motion with an effective velocity of a few centimeters per second and with a corresponding energy of a few peV ([10.
As Freedman gradually learned more physics, however, he became convinced that certain extremely cold electron seas called quantum Hall fluids might offer the right physics to do the job.
One thing is really certain; there has been a quantum change in Quantum Corporation.
The myth of quantum consciousness sits well with many whose egos have made it impossible for them to accept the insignificant place science perceives for humanity, as modern instruments probe the farthest reaches of space and time.
During the past few years, theorists have begun to work out ways to use entanglement and other extraordinary quirks of the quantum world to tackle important technological problems.
Quantum representatives will work with Toys for Tots' local coordinators in 40 markets to sell program-approved toys to consumers.
That use would require dirt-cheap production of quantum dust.
Burt Kaliski, Vice President of Research, RSA Security & Chief Scientist, RSA Laboratories and MagiQ advisor said, "It is exciting to see quantum key distribution being put into practice.
The hypothetical quantum computer replaces the 0s and 1s with entities called quantum bits, or qubits.
In December, Quantum announced a multi-layered security framework for data stored on standalone tape drives, tape cartridges, and tape automation and disk-based backup systems.
Scientists dare to dream, anyway--not only of quantum computers but also of linking them together into networks.
Numis Securities Limited is acting exclusively for First Quantum in connection with the Offer and no one else and will not be responsible to anyone other than First Quantum for providing the protections afforded to clients of Numis Securities Limited nor for providing advice in relation to the Offer or any other matter referred to in this press release.
According to quantum theory, such universal field fluctuations nonetheless have a measurable effect on microscopic objects.