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consume mass quantities

To eat, drink, or otherwise consume large amounts of something. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Large family holidays are all typified by consuming mass quantities of food and alcohol. As the largest economy on the planet, our prerogative seems to be to consume mass quantities of the Earth's resources.
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an unknown quantity

A person or thing that is unpredictable and thus difficult to anticipate. We're still revising our new product, so its potential success is an unknown quantity. This is her first year teaching, so her ability to connect with her students is still an unknown quantity.
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known quantity

someone whose character, personality, and behavior are recognized and understood. We need not worry about how John will behave. He is a known quantity. Lisa is a known quantity and I am sure she will not surprise us by voting with the opposition.
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*unknown quantity

Fig. a person or thing about which no one is certain. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) John is an unknown quantity. We don't know how he's going to act. The new clerk is an unknown quantity. Things may not turn out all right.
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unknown quantity

An unpredictable person or thing, as in We don't know how the new pitcher will do-he's an unknown quantity. This expression comes from algebra, where it signifies an unknown numerical value. Its figurative use dates from the mid-1800s.
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an unknown quantity

COMMON If someone or something is an unknown quantity, not much is known about them. She had met Max several times, but he was still pretty much an unknown quantity. The team is something of an unknown quantity, having played few big games. Ballet was an unknown quantity in the United States at that time.
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unknown quantity

a person or thing whose nature, value, or significance cannot be determined or is not yet known.
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an ˌunknown ˈquantity

a person or thing that you do not know anything or enough about: His ability to make decisions in a crisis is an unknown quantity.Our new director is still an unknown quantity.
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To see this, assume the firm confronts a labor supply curve which describes the wage (W) as a simple function of the quantity of labor supplied, whose first derivative is positive.
The traditional approach to LRIP determination goes something like this: First take the DOT & E requirement and add the quantity the program requires for transition to production; second, see if that the number is less than 10 percent of the total production quantity, and if it is, press on.
What is being said is simple enough: the reign of quantity and the reduction of the manifest reality to a quantitative plane at the expense of quality is a malady of titanic proportions that has reduced every aspect of modern science to the lowest possible plane of learning.
The decline in the relative price of non-oil imports stimulated the quantity imported, particularly in the second half of the year.
(The "measurand" is the specific quantity being measured.) It is noteworthy to point out, firstly, that an uncertainty statement is associated with a measurement result, not with the measurement instrument (although the instrument is an uncertainty contributor), and secondly, that measurement uncertainty is associated with a specific measurand and, in general, different measurands may have different uncertainty statements even if they are measured with the same instrument.
For shipping - date, memo number, quantity and total shipped.
This suggests, Engeseth says, that for certain applications, which antioxidants are present may be as important as their quantity.
You can put a sensor in the presence of the measurable quantity, and, as that quantity changes, the sensor puts out an analog signal, whose electronic amplitude matches the strength of the observable quantity at any given moment.
Plump of tip: quantity: 1.00 unit of taco, quantity: 1.00 fitting unit, quantity: 1.00 fitting unit, quantity: 1.00 fitting unit, quantity: 1.00 unit of nail, quantity: 1.00 unidadchaura de masonille, quantity: 1,00 fixed manual saw framework, quantity: 1.00 unit of armor of half cut, quantity: 1,00 unit of albail, quantity: 1,00 unit of masonille, quantity: 1,00 masonry, quantity: 1,00 square unit square, quantity: 1,00 square unit square, quantity: 1,00 unit for mason with cape, quantity: 2,00 aluminum unit for masonille, quantity: 1,00 unit of masonine (body) fiber); quantity: 1,00 cutter fitting unit; quantity: 1,00 metal tool unit for tools, quantity: 1,00 unit, quantity: 1,00 unit chata de cut, quantity: 1,00 unit
Designed specifically for small protective details and must have the below quantity of :
Coffee, quantity: 100.00 kgte in saquitos; quantity: 2,000.00 unidadazucar (envelope); quantity: 10,000.00 unidadindulcorante (powder); quantity: 10,000.00 disposable envelope; quantity: 5,000.00 disposable unit, quantity: 5,000 , 00 thermal vessel unit; quantity: 8,000.00 dischargeable unit-mixer; quantity: 8,000.00 paper unit, quantity: 10,000.00 unit
Banana (human use), quantity: 4.00 kgcebolla (human use), quantity: 3.00 kgfrutilla (human use), quantity: 5.00 kggue hue height, quantity: 130.00 unidadkiwi (human use); 1,00 kglechuga (human use), quantity: 4,00 unidadlimon (human use), quantity: 1,00 kgmanzana (human use), quantity: 8,00 kgmorron (human use), quantity: 1,00 kgnaranja (use human); quantity: 5,00 kgpepino (human use); quantity: 1,00 kgpollo whole fresh; quantity: 12,00 kgtomate (human use); quantity: 9,00 kgzanahoria (human use); quantity: 2,00 kgapio; quantity: 1,00 atadociboulette; quantity: 1,00 atadozapallito (human use); quantity: 8,00 kgmelon (human use); quantity: 5,00 kg
Stainless steel spatula; quantity: 2,00 unit, quantity: 1,00 acrylic unitended, quantity: 20,00 kgpapel of silicon sand, quantity: 20,00 unit of debursement for sanitary, quantity: 1,00 unit manufacturer of hand ; quantity: 1.00 unit paint; quantity: 10.00 pigmented unit for wall; quantity: 20.00 acrylic latex paint; quantity: 20.00 fabric lip, quantity: 1,00 pink unit; quantity: 1,00 pink unit; quantity: 1,00 pink unit; quantity: 1,00 wrapping unit, quantity: 3,00 wrapping roller, quantity: 2,00 rollumumming for interior with double louver; quantity: 3,00 unit threading round head, quantity: 80 , 00 unit
Determination of calprotectin in fecal matter, quantity: 1.00 abdominal unidadecography, quantity: 2.00 urinary apparatus unit, quantity: 1.00 mammary unit, quantity: 2.00 testicular unit, quantity: 1.00 unitorpanomography, quantity: 1.00 periapical radiographic unit, quantity: 1.00 unitdosification of virus hepatitis b (hbv) - viral load, quantity: 2.00 unitdetection of leukocytes in fecal matter, quantity: 1.00 unit