in a quandary

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in a quandary

In a situation in which one is unsure what to do or confused or perplexed about the best course of action; in a predicament. I was in a quandary about whether I should stay at home with the kids or spend a lot of money to put them in daycare.
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*in a quandary

uncertain about what to do; perplexed. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) Mary was in a quandary about what college to go to. I couldn't decide what to do. I was in such a quandary.
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in a ˈquandary

uncertain about what to do in a particular situation: She’s in a bit of a quandary about which of the jobs to accept.
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Even if ranked-choice voting eliminates spoilers and resolves the lesser-of-evils quandary, the system may have other problems that the existing one does not.
For it was a Bother after a B&Q tiler messed up the kitchen they had just paid [pounds sterling]7500 for and a Quandary on how to get it fixed.
In Search of Sarah - A Time Traveler's Quandary is published by WingSpan Press,
A quandary result, but perhaps one that might help us articulate some of the aspirations the people who have a gut feeling that decades of negativity, false information and peacock policies have got us in a worse jam than before.
The official also said that the team, which consists of several young players, would also miss a chance of gaining exposure in major tournaments, adding that all these issues have put the board in a quandary.
In the most earnest attempt to date to try to settle the diabetes screening quandary, the ADDITION investigators have provided evidence that has been lacking regarding the potential for easing the worldwide epidemic of diabetes, now some 350 million cases strong.
It leaves Cumani in something of a quandary - h e must run Mount Athos to gain a place, but the horse risks a hammering from Australian handicappers if he runs with the same verve as secured him two consecutive victories since he joined Cumani's yard this season.
Jane Iredale targets this quandary with its Lip Crayons.
It's put us in a complete quandary, because we always did things as a foursome.
The old coaxial conducting lines found inside cable TV wires--or at least their design structure--may have relevance for lithium ion batteries and the nagging battery quandary of limited recharging cycles.
I am in a quandary as to how a school that has basically let children down with their education over some years can, with Stockton Council's backing, retain its head mistress who has soul responsibility for these results.
Faced with such a quandary many politicians would have cancelled the fundraiser - but not our Bertie.
I gave him a sympathetic hug before leaving him to mull over his quandary.
The middle school students are in a quandary over who is taking food.
A thoughtful, serious-minded and deep philosophical on an ancient and perplexing moral quandary.