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cause (one) qualms

To cause one to feel some or certain hesitations, apprehensions, uneasiness, or pangs of conscience (about something or someone). Lying always causes me qualms, so I doubt I'll be able to tell my boss that I'm sick just to get a long weekend. I thought Jonathan's promotion was a done deal, but his latest interview seems to have caused the board of directors some qualms.
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*qualms (about someone or something)

an uneasy feeling of one's conscience about someone or something. (*Typically: cause ~; have ~; have no ~; give someone ~.) Do you have any qualms about telling a little white lie to Mary about her not getting an invitation to the party?
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"The plants with the tubes have grown more upright and don't have a mess of vines like the plants without," Jordan Qualm notes.
"If anything happened to Brad Friedel, please God it doesn't happen, I would have no qualms about playing Brad Guzan, I think he's capable," he said.
Over time, I think responsible professionals should also try to influence local publishers and broadcasters to move away from such practices, not just because of any cultural or moral qualms (important as these may be), but also for the very practical reason that these practices ultimately undermine the credibility of both the giver and receiver in the eyes of audiences.
As I sat at the technical assistance panel considering over 40 quality measures, just in the area of mental health, I knew I had fallen victim to qualms again.
Whether she was describing human beings who serve as breeders for superior aliens or telepaths who use others' bodies without their consent, Butler had no qualms about discomfiting the reader as she explored questions of liberty and servitude.
As doctrinal supervisor, he had no doubts about the truth and no qualms about imposing it.
The qualms about Chief Justice Roberts's endorsement of the lawyer's role as hired gun expressed in this column recently are shared by our alumnus Michael Kinsley.
(recently acquired by of America) had no qualms about partnering with a lesbian company.
Ironically, the Alameda priest had no qualms, when he made his startling announcement, about referring to a "dysfunctional grandfather" and "a crazy uncle or two," despite the fact that being "dysfunctional" or "crazy" represents specific examples of being disordered.
With her small-scaled movement and perky face, Virginie Mecene turns The Bride into an ingenue with no qualms about her future, while David Zurak makes The Husbandman a happy-go-lucky groom.
Lobbyists bragged that Inamed and Mentor successfully pressured the FDA panel to set aside its qualms about the safety of these devices with their highly organized campaign.
Robert Barr, writing for the Associated Press writes, "The Church of England has qualms about remarriage for divorcees." So, if this church opposes remarriage for divorcees, then why did they agree to a church blessing after the civil ceremony?
There are things that can be done while Ellie is still at home before leaving for her flight, at the airport, and also on the plane to address any qualms she might have as a young traveler "flying solo." As expected, her parents play a big part in this.
In early November, USA Today reported that several states are moving to permit pharmacists who cite moral qualms about certain drugs or medical procedures to refuse to fill prescriptions for patients.
Tanasije Kunijevic, the show's producer, would like to see the show tried in the U.S., although he expresses some qualms. "If Bush gives a few Democrats a ride," he says, "I think it could get a little ugly."