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have (some/any) qualms about (something or someone)

To have some or certain hesitations, apprehensions, uneasiness, or pangs of conscience (about something or someone). (Also often used in the negative to mean the opposite.) I know it's wrong to feel this way, but I don't have any qualms about telling my boss I'm sick if it means I can have a long weekend. I thought his promotion was a done deal, but it turns out the board of directors has some qualms about Jonathan. Before we start, do you have any qualms about the plan we discussed?
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cause qualms

(about someone or something) Go to qualms (about someone or something).
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*qualms (about someone or something)

an uneasy feeling of one's conscience about someone or something. (*Typically: cause ~; have ~; have no ~; give someone ~.) Do you have any qualms about telling a little white lie to Mary about her not getting an invitation to the party?
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In announcing the Qualm contract, RainChief CEO, Paul Heney stated, "Qualm brings to RainChief a proven level of success in both communicating with and engaging investors as to the company's on-going activities and developments.
Even those with qualms about abortion tend to back the legal right, if for no other reason than to stem the mutilation that a return to back alleys would surely entail.
SAM WARBURTON insists he has no qualms about not being named as captain following his return to the Wales team to face Scotland.
Pardew - who worked with Elliot at Charlton - said: "I'd have no qualms about Rob though.
We did half a job on Sheriff in the sense that we played well in the first half and went 2-0 up, then three wonder strikes went against us and we never had any qualms about that.
The Magpies boss was so impressed with the way the 28-year-old England international led his troops last season that he will have no qualms about asking him to continue this time around.
Throughout, Robin is posited as an ethical thief -- he refuses to murder his foes, though his opposition has no such genteel qualms.
Robinson's regional boss at the Arms Park would have no qualms on throwing straight him against O'Driscoll et al.
As doctrinal supervisor, he had no doubts about the truth and no qualms about imposing it.
The qualms about Chief Justice Roberts's endorsement of the lawyer's role as hired gun expressed in this column recently are shared by our alumnus Michael Kinsley.
recently acquired by of America) had no qualms about partnering with a lesbian company.
I HAVE no qualms about the ID card system, but I believe the public should be allowed to have their say otherwise it would seem we are heading towards a police state rather than a free state.
When Mark Rand's 1914 Ford Model T ground to a halt some miles from his home in North Yorkshire, he had no qualms about calling GEM.
Robert Barr, writing for the Associated Press writes, "The Church of England has qualms about remarriage for divorcees.