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cause (one) qualms

To cause one to feel some or certain hesitations, apprehensions, uneasiness, or pangs of conscience (about something or someone). Lying always causes me qualms, so I doubt I'll be able to tell my boss that I'm sick just to get a long weekend. I thought Jonathan's promotion was a done deal, but his latest interview seems to have caused the board of directors some qualms.
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have (some/any) qualms about (something or someone)

To have some or certain hesitations, apprehensions, uneasiness, or pangs of conscience (about something or someone). (Also often used in the negative to mean the opposite.) I know it's wrong to feel this way, but I don't have any qualms about telling my boss I'm sick if it means I can have a long weekend. I thought his promotion was a done deal, but it turns out the board of directors has some qualms about Jonathan. Before we start, do you have any qualms about the plan we discussed?
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cause qualms

(about someone or something) Go to qualms (about someone or something).
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*qualms (about someone or something)

an uneasy feeling of one's conscience about someone or something. (*Typically: cause ~; have ~; have no ~; give someone ~.) Do you have any qualms about telling a little white lie to Mary about her not getting an invitation to the party?
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Instead of setting plants 2 feet apart, the Qualms plant them about 3 feet apart.
RainChief Energy said Qualm will provide IT communication services, which include enhanced shareholder communication services for publicly-traded companies using proprietary software to increase the company's online presence, search engine positioning and brand awareness while simultaneously increasing shareholder base.
It's difficult to raise moral qualms about abortion, perhaps especially for a man, without a great number of women feeling accused of something quite serious, even if accusation is not one's intent at all.
Mick is delighted to be a great grandfather, he has no qualms A SOURCE REVEALS THE SHOWBIZ FAMILY'S NEWS
Yet this coalition government appears to have no qualms in funding the European Union coffers to the tune of pounds 50 million per day.
Summary: NEW YORK: Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters has no qualms about giving a Canadian band permission to tinker with his band's classic "Another Brick in the Wall" for use as an anthem for young Iranians.Toronto-based band Blurred Vision, fronted by two exiled brothers of Iranian origin, has reworked the lyrics to express the resentment felt by young
Despite days of inventory remaining close to historical lows at nine of the 10 supply chain nodes tracked by iSuppli, many suppliers have no qualms with their current inventory position and remain comfortable at current levels.
Some of the families have sheer reservations of law and order qualms thus decided not to leave camps.
I was sure that they were, but at first I had qualms about firing on the noble Gothic building which was in full view from my post on a small hill.
She said she had no qualms about drawing on her split from partner Ashley Heath for her debut solo album Melody.
Excerpts: If Mark Thompson's core objection was that it would have compromised the impartiality of the organization's reporting of the conflict, then what of the other appeals DEC has mounted and the BBC has screened with no qualms? Congo, Darfur and Chad, Liberia, Kosovo, Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia were all man-made disasters for which DEC launched major appeals.
But O'Neill insists if the 37-year-old former Liverpool and Blackburn stopper's high standards of fitness and consistency ever dip he would have no qualms calling upon his younger deputy Guzan.
Hull manager Phil Brown maintains his men will look to deploy similar strong-muscle tactics today and while Wenger has no qualms with the "physical" side of the game, he adds: "For me a good tackle is as beautiful to watch as a good volley - but you have to be sure about the quality of the tackling."
SCRUM-HALF Mike Walls has no qualms about taking over the full-back role for Coventry in today's game at Launceston.