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the quality

The condition of something, usually as good or bad. I can barely hear you—the quality of this phone call is terrible. I was willing to spend a little more on these boots because the quality is great.
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chuckle with (a particular quality)

To laugh in a particular manner. I couldn't help but chuckle with delight when I saw the little girl feed her ice cream cone to her dog.
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nice and (something)

Very something. Used to emphasize how nice something is because of the particular quality named after "and." I love your new house! It's nice and bright inside! Ah, this lemonade is nice and cold—just the thing for such a hot day.
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quality time

Time spent interacting with someone in a close, meaningful way. This Christmas, I want to spend some real quality time with the family instead of having everyone stuck on their phones and tablets the whole time. I'm looking forward to having some quality time with you on our camping trip.
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nice and some quality

[being or having] enough of some quality; adequately; sufficiently. It is nice and cool this evening. I think your steak is nice and done now, just the way you like it.
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quality time

time spent with someone allowing interaction and closeness. He was able to spend a few minutes of quality time with his son, Buxton, at least once every two weeks.
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quality Joe

n. an innocent or straight (male) person. (Underworld.) Lefty is not what I would call your average quality Joe.
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sterling qualities

Outstanding characteristics. The word sterling, long denoting a standard of value or purity for money, is believed to have come from a medieval coin that was marked with a star. It was extended to anything of sound intrinsic worth by the early nineteenth century. Washington Irving used it in The Alhambra (1832): “The nephew is a young man of sterling worth.”
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The standard states that any system of quality control should have policies and procedures that address the following:
Strongly consider buying cases of produce and not splits to ensure that you are getting the quality specifications you request.
Despite software's increased importance to organizations, the quality of software is often lacking.
Voice quality is a subjective measurement and depends upon individual perceptions of what is an acceptable or unacceptable level of voice quality.
Create a community of firms that demonstrate a commitment to employee benefit plan audit quality.
Indeed, in my research, all the measures of quality reveal that the quality of teachers has declined relative to that of other workers and of other skilled workers, First, using years of school as a measure of quality, it appears that the education level of teachers has declined relative to the schooling of other workers, no matter how skilled.
The consistency of direction at TMMK from the first day forward has been to build quality in the process.
Increased quality in tax practice means adopting as normal operating procedure (when feasible) what the industry considers best practices.
Quality is the measure of how good health outcomes are, and can be evaluated for at least two components.
Although the latter three senior committees were represented, the quality control system described in SQCS no.
Rather, Osborn employs the concept of perfectionism to describe a hyper-emphasis on exactitude and precision - in this case, quality gone awry by being taken to an extreme.
The history of the quality movement dates back to the first two decades of this century.
The standards virtually ignore the formula of modern quality management: There is no mandate to reduce cycle time, cut inventories, speed up deliveries and increase customer satisfaction.
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