qualify for

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qualify for

1. To earn or fulfill the requirements for something; to be or become eligible for something. In order to qualify for a sales tax rebate, you must fill out a form and provide original receipts for all purchases being claimed.
2. To cause someone to fulfill the requirements to be or do something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "qualify" and "for." The company is offering to pay for me to do a master's degree that will qualify me for a senior management position in the business. Your age, income, and family status are just a few factors that may or may not qualify you for welfare.
See also: qualify

qualify someone for something

to enable someone to meet the requirements for something. His years with the company qualified him for pension. Does this ticket qualify me for the drawing?
See also: qualify

qualify for something

to meet the requirements for something. I'm sorry, you do not qualify for this job. I don't qualify for it.
See also: qualify

qualify for

1. To be competent or eligible for something, such as an office, job, or benefit: After one year on the job, you will qualify for a raise.
2. To cause someone to be competent or eligible for something: That certificate qualifies you for a promotion.
See also: qualify
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Earlier this summer, Sessions tightened the restrictions on the types of cases that can qualify someone for asylum, making it harder for Central Americans who say they're fleeing the threat of gangs, drug smugglers or domestic violence to pass even the first hurdle for securing U.S.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions tried to cut down on that recently by tightening the rules on what will qualify someone for asylum.
It could not be applied to those who have "a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States." One type of "bona fide relationship" that would qualify someone for entrance into the U.S.
It can also be complicated when one spouse is seeking Medicaid benefits and the other is not, and that there are a variety of methods to spend down assets and structure finances to qualify someone for Medicaid.
Being independent doesn't automatically qualify someone for such a powerful job - but it removes the worry of having Commissioners whose politics colour their decisions.
So that, for example, making oneself deliberately homeless in Birmingham does not immediately and automatically qualify someone for social housing in Barmouth?
A SMOKING, high chol-esterol, high blood pressure and being over weight are all conditions that can qualify someone for a higher pension.
Currently, physicians need only sign a certification to qualify someone for hospice services, although the CMS also requires the medical record to include documentation supporting a terminal prognosis.
Under Missouri law, and I suspect in most states, a stutter would not qualify someone for the handicap-parking placard or license.
But because of Bush's tax cuts and the ways that Democrats have expanded the deductions that van qualify someone for the AMT, three-quarters of people in that lower income group will have to pay in 2010, compared to only one-quarter of million-aims.
PAUL, Minnesota--That dozens, if not hundreds, of people have become sober after prayers to Matt Talbot is nothing short of miraculous to Mary Costello, but the Vatican has a stricter definition of "miracle" to qualify someone for canonization to sainthood.
A Combat Action Ribbon and Combat Infantryman Badge in rare cases will solely qualify someone for membership.