quake in (one's) boots

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quake in (one's) boots

To tremble with fear. Often used sarcastically. My brother is so strong and scary-looking that people quake in their boots when he threatens them. Ooh, I'm really scared of you! I'm quaking in my boots, you frighten me so!
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quake in one's boots

Also, shake in one's boots; quake or shake like a leaf . Tremble with fear, as in The very thought of a hurricane blowing in makes me quake in my boots. Both quake and shake here mean "tremble." These idioms were preceded by the alliterative phrase shake in one's shoes in the late 1800s. The idioms with leaf allude to trembling leaves, as in He was shaking like a leaf when the exams were handed back. A similar expression was used by Chaucer, who put it as quake like an aspen leaf, a particularly apt comparison since aspen leaves have flattened stems that cause the leaves to quiver in the gentlest breeze.
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(be) ˌquaking/ˌshaking in your ˈboots/ˈshoes

be very worried or frightened: The prospect of facing the team again in the semi-final had everyone quaking in their boots.
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Fans later posted comments, including "shaken not stirred" and "were your opponents quaking in their boots?".
The cinematic opening sets a standard which will have TV producers the world over quaking in their boots - and viewers everywhere salivating at the prospect of more.
Chinese officials must be quaking in their boots at Britain's response to their treatment of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.
While some Egyptian entertainment types are quaking in their boots about the most recent unrest in their country, Ahmad Mekki , is determined that the show will go on.
However, it was the performance of runner-up Blueberry Fizz that would have had a few in-running layers quaking in their boots.
There must be a lot of Lib-Dems quaking in their boots in the run-up to the May elections.
With his nononsense attitude and her batting eyelids, rogue traders up and down the country have been left quaking in their boots.
Cops say that in most cases, just the sight of a Taser will have hardened criminals quaking in their boots.
Salami also claimed that a recent Iranian military exercise had the Americans quaking in their boots. "Iran's military maneuver caused a dramatic reversal in the Western political stance," he said.
I hope we've got a few clubs quaking in their boots," he said.
I can hear husbands across the land quaking in their boots and opening secret Swiss bank accounts.
"They will show that the English are absolutely terrified - they are quaking in their boots," crowed Maradona.
If the Vatican operated like a normal government or political party, a book like Papal Sin might have a lot of curial types quaking in their boots. But Catholics can't vote for their church leaders and popes don't hold press conferences; so whatever storm Wills's brilliant indictment may stir up will do no lasting damage.
The most popular seminar was Next Wave president Peter Broderick's presentation on digital filmmaking, a presentation that had the Luddites quaking in their boots while exciting the hell out of everybody else.
Still, I don't think Melissa who, like Zayn, is from Bradford, will have 1D quaking in their boots just yet.