quake with

quake with something

to shake as with fear, terror, etc. Alice was quaking with fear as the door slowly opened. Todd quaked with terror when he saw the vicious dog at the door.
See also: quake
References in classic literature ?
Thou makest my poor stomach quake with joy for what thou tellest me so sweetly.
The press has also embraced the phenomenon of QUAKE with significant coverage appearing in Time, USA Today, Business Week, People, Entertainment Weekly, and the cover of Wired and seven computer gaming magazines.
This was one of the most deadly earthquakes we've ever seen," says Fred Krimgold from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's Washington-Alexandria Center, who went to Armenia immediately after the quake with a U.
By comparing the strain that has built up since the 1966 quake with that released by the quake, they hoped to provide a test of the Parkfield prediction that does not rely on the periodicity of earthquakes.
All this enabled the researchers to construct a model of a characteristic Parkfield quake and in so doing to make a detailed and precise prediction about a future quake with a 95 percent probability.