quail at

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quail at (something)

To become fearful of, nervous about, or averse to something; to avoid or shrink from something. I know that David quails at the thought of flying in an airplane. We quailed at the notion of shutting down the company that our great-great-grandfather created. We can't have you leading the team if you're going to quail at the first sign of difficulty.
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quail at someone or something

to show fear at someone or something; to shrink from someone or something. Todd quailed at the thought of what he had to do. The students quailed at the teacher who had been so hard on them in the past.
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In the present study, we found that there was a similar expression trend of Nkx2-5 gene between chicken and quail during the whole course of experiment, but expression of Nkx2-5 gene in chicken was significantly lower than that in quail at the same point of time.
While the amount of lead required on a quail at twenty yards is small compared to a forty-yard shot at a crossing dove, some amount of lead is still required.
The present experiment was planned to study the effect of selection for higher three week body weight on overall growth performance in three generations of Japanese quail at Avian Research and Training (ART) Centre, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore.