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1. slang A particularly muscular arm; an arm's large bicep. Usually used in the plural in reference to both arms or both sets of biceps. He always wears tank tops so he can show off his pythons. I caught her flexing her pythons in front of the mirror after her workout.
2. vulgar slang A penis. Excuse me a minute. After all those beers, I need to go siphon the python. I asked her if she wanted to feel my python, and she slapped me right in the face.

siphon the python

vulgar slang Of a male, to urinate. "Python" is a slang term for the penis. Primarily heard in Australia. Excuse me a minute. After all those beers, I need to go siphon the python.
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n. large, muscular biceps. (see also guns.) Look at the pythons on that guy! He could lift a piano!
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