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siphon the python

vulgar slang Of a male, to urinate. (Here, "python" is a euphemism for the penis.) Primarily heard in Australia. Excuse me a minute. After all those beers, I need to go siphon the python.
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1. slang A particularly muscular arm; an arm's large bicep. Usually used in the plural in reference to both arms or both sets of biceps. He always wears tank tops so he can show off his pythons. I caught her flexing her pythons in front of the mirror after her workout.
2. vulgar slang A penis. Excuse me a minute. After all those beers, I need to go siphon the python. I asked her if she wanted to feel my python, and she slapped me right in the face.


n. large, muscular biceps. (see also guns.) Look at the pythons on that guy! He could lift a piano!
See also: python
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Pythons are commonly found in forested and mountainous lairs all over the Philippines.
I would also recommend it for scientists who would like to learn the basics of Python and who would like to start programming within a couple of days.
Python has a core philosophy, and the more you code in Python the more you tend to understand what makes certain code more or less 'Pythonic'.
Edward Mercer, the rock python specialist for the wildlife commission, said his frequent patrols regularly turn up the Cuban tree frogs and green or brown anoles, invasive species he ignores because biologists have given up trying to eradicate them.
The PYTHON 2000 and PYTHON 5000 Image Sensors will be demonstrated in the ON Semiconductor booth (1C82) at the 2014 VISION trade fair, held between 4 November 2014 to 6 November 23014 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Samsonite has long been recognised as the leader in providing luggage solutions for discerning travellers and, with Python, we have again achieved a breakthrough in both form and functionality.
Burney contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Python to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
in a final weepy, hilarious, uproarious, outrageous, farewell to the five remaining Pythons as they head for The Old Jokes Home.
He said: "Only three days to go till the Python Press Conference.
Meanwhile, Idle tweeted: "Only three days to go till the Python press conference.
Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language.
A FILM producer has won a High Court royalty fight with the Monty Python team.
Python Properties has been named Best Corporate Responsibility Partnership In Britain at the national Arts and Business Awards.
The main author of Pandas, a popular open-source Python library for data analysis, McKinney decided that the scientific Python ecosystem of open source libraries had grown and stabilized sufficiently that a guide for beginning Python programmers would not be out of date before the ink dried.
Advancing slowly and quietly through the muddy goop, our eyes carefully scanned toppled trees, debris piles and foliage for any sign of the target: a Burmese python.