putty in (one's) hands

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putty in (one's) hands

Easy to control or bend to one's wishes. (Putty is a very malleable material.) Oh, come on, Julia is putty in our hands—we can definitely get her to help us with this prank.
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*putty in someone's hands

Fig. [of someone] easily influenced by someone else; excessively willing to do what someone else wishes. (Putty is soft and malleable. *Typically: be ~; seem like ~.) Bob's wife is putty in his hands. She never thinks for herself. Jane is putty in her mother's hands. She always does exactly what her mother says.
See also: hand, putty
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putty in someone's hands

A person who is easily influenced or malleable, as in Dean adored his little granddaughter; he was putty in her hands. This metaphoric term, first recorded in 1924, transfers the malleable quality of putty to human behavior. Also see twist around one's finger.
See also: hand, putty
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putty in your hands

If someone is putty in your hands, they will do anything you ask them to do. Simon proved to be putty in his hands. I was completely in awe of him — I was putty in his hands. Note: You can also just say that someone is putty. Sometimes he'd do something like bring her a box of chocolates and she would be putty for a week. Note: Putty is a thick paste that is used to fix sheets of glass into window frames.
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(like) putty in somebody’s ˈhands

(informal) willing to do anything somebody wants or tells you to do: As soon as she starts crying, I’m putty in her hands. OPPOSITE: (as) stubborn as a mule
Putty is a soft flexible substance used for fixing glass in windows.
See also: hand, putty
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