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putt along

to move along rapidly, usually in a motorized vehicle. ("Putt-putt" is the sound made to mimic engines, especially small engines.) The little car was putting along down the highway, when one of the tires went flat. We were putting along very smoothly all the way into town.
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n. a small motorized vehicle, especially a small car. That’s not a motorcycle; it’s just a little putt-putt.
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Lin, another player to birdie the water-fronted 17th hole, added four birdies and would have finished at 2 under par but for a putt that turned away from the cup at the last moment on her final hole.
One hole later, Mattiace pulled even at 15-under, tapping in a birdie putt after his long eagle attempt bounced off the back of the cup.
I feel like I've been seeing some good things the past month or two but have not been making the putts.
I had a lot of short putts that I made,'' Hurst said.
Photo: (color) Co-leader Larry Nelson looks upset after missing a birdie putt.
Instead, he hit three shots into the rough before joining the playoff with an 8-foot bogey putt.
Cotton (par 3): spade mashie into bunker, sand wedge, two putts.
Also look at your lie from side-on to gauge whether your putt is downhill or up.
Greens in regulation and putts per round emerged as the two chief determinants of scoring average, accounting for 93% of the overall score: greens, 53.
The two golfers tied for third in Putts per Round with 28, and the victor was 12th in Putts per Greens in Regulation at 1.
In 2013, the average PGA tour player made 96% of putts inside of five feet, accounting for almost half of the total strokes made per round of golf.
This is especially effective on short putts and will help you gain a better stroke while also giving improved distance control.
JUSTIN ROSE nailed two magical birdie putts on the last two holes to beat Phil Mickelson - after needing two shots to get out of a bunker at the 15th.
Remember, we're not really that interested in the overall putts per round, but need more detailed information to gain a proper analysis.
2 Hit your putts at a ball marker, not at a hole, to start with.