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putt along

to move along rapidly, usually in a motorized vehicle. ("Putt-putt" is the sound made to mimic engines, especially small engines.) The little car was putting along down the highway, when one of the tires went flat. We were putting along very smoothly all the way into town.
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n. a small motorized vehicle, especially a small car. That’s not a motorcycle; it’s just a little putt-putt.
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It is not bad enough where it is costing me too much but the margin between winning and losing is small and the key for me to get over the hurdle and lift silverware is making more putts.
Prior to data collection, the researchers established a hierarchical selection criteria based on the following: (1) A par-three hole was observed to ensure similar approach shots from the same teeing ground; (2) the length of the hole was as close to 175 yards as possible, since the first hole used for observation determined the length of subsequent distances; (3) the green of the hole was relatively fiat, thus eliminating the variation of the difficulty of putts.
In other words, for an uphill putt, read the putt from behind the ball looking up the hill.
Spoiler alert: Palmer did birdie the 17th (dancing a jig after his 20-foot uphill putt just .
If you aim at the centre of the hole, and strike the putt firmly, it helps to eliminate some of the break on the putt, and if it does break you've given yourself around a tolerance of approximately four inches on the line of the putt.
New members of Royal St George's are advised early on never to concede a putt here because so many short ones have been missed over the years.
Also look at your lie from side-on to gauge whether your putt is downhill or up.
When you sink a putt, you carry a positive feeling with you to the next hole, whereas missed putts will place extra pressure on the rest of your game.
The winner of the Wachovia Championship saved par on the 72nd hole at Quail Hollow Club to post a final-round 71 and finish at 12-under-par 276, then sunk a testy 5-foot putt on the first hole of a two-man, sudden-death playoff to capture his 11th PGA Tour title.
Two figures are important to us, a) how many putts per green we hit in regulation; b) how many putts when we miss a green and our pitching.
2 Hit your putts at a ball marker, not at a hole, to start with.
The players' long games are all roughly of the same standard and it all comes down to who holes the fewest putts on the day.