put (one) at (one's) ease

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put (one) at (one's) ease

To calm, comfort, or reassure one; to make one comfortable or relaxed. I'd like to put you all at your ease and assure you that there will be no layoffs, so please do not listen to the rumors going around. The duke was renowned for going to great lengths to put his guests at their ease when they called over for social visits.
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put one at (one's) ease

Fig. to cause someone to relax or feel welcome. She usually tells a little joke to put you at your ease. Please do something to put me at ease.
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put/set somebody at (their) ˈease

make somebody feel relaxed, not shy, etc: Try to put the candidate at ease by being friendly and informal.No matter what situation she was in, somehow she always managed to look completely at her ease.
See also: ease, put, set, somebody
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They explained all the jargon putting us at ease from the start and taking us step by step through the whole process.
Then we headed towards the couple's spa treatment room with ambient music and low lighting, instantly putting us at ease.
While most of us would always frown when we see the arrivals of politicians or ministers from our neighbouring country usually, I would say that Hina's style played a large role in putting us at ease instantly the moment she stepped out of the plane.
The Princess was lovely and very good at putting us at ease.
Our aim is to help you feel happy on any terrain - bumps, steeps and powder,' said Stephanie, putting us at ease when we gathered on the first morning over coffee and muffins in the Whistler Mountain restaurant.