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The steward and the black I observed putting stores aboard the captain's gig as it overhung the water from the stern davits.
In an effort to help shoppers find the products for which they were searching, Walmart color coded the store, giving each section a unique hue and putting store personnel on roller skates throughout the store to help direct shoppers to the section they wanted.
New store formats are emerging at break-neck speed, putting store design in a constant state of transition.
Giant stopped putting store coupons in local newspapers and has argued for years at food industry conferences that better ways can be found to give shoppers a break.
Shodeen's first design called for putting stores on the first floor along Wilson.
8, Haggen filed for the protection of bankruptcy court and has since been putting stores up for sale.
This comes a day after clothes chain Bank went into administration - putting stores in Llandudno and Wrexham at risk.
The city was similar to the markets that Piggly Wiggly was fond of putting stores in across the South, but it wasn't a market with brand identity in the North.
A key to successful chain drug expansion in the 21st century is putting stores where the baby boomers are, according to Walgreens chief executive officer Dave Bernauer, who will succeed Dan Jorndt as chairman next month.
We also recognized that we're in a different competitive set from when we first started putting stores in malls,'' she said.
While Wal-Mart has more recently moved into suburban locations, it has fundamentally stayed away from putting stores in dense inner city venues.
And he is noted for his foresight in seeing the trend toward putting stores in suburban shopping malls rather than in downtown locations.