put together

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put together

1. verb To build or assemble something; to create something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "put" and "together." I thought it would take me less than an hour, but I've been putting this table together all evening! I just need to put an outfit together for my interview tomorrow. Please put together an outline of your plan and have it on my desk by Friday.
2. verb To combine two or more people or things into a pair, group, mixture, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "put" and "together." Just make sure you don't put those three together—they always cause trouble when they're in a group. When you put these two chemicals together, you get an explosive reaction.
3. verb To consider or contemplate multiple things in order to arrive at some conclusion or deduction. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "put" and "together." There were so many elements to the case that I just couldn't put them all together. When I put all the evidence together, it seemed pretty clear that the firm was lying to me.
4. verb To imagine that two people would make a suitable romantic couple. Usually used in negative, past-tense constructions. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "put" and "together." Dan and Billy are going out? Huh, I never would have put those two together.
5. adjective In a stable and successful condition. I can't believe she's had such a terrible addiction problem for so long—she always seemed so put together to me. I always felt inadequate next to my brother, who has always been exceptionally put together in his career and his home life.
6. adjective Very physically attractive, as in one's physique or one's fashion (or both). Wow, you look so well put together in that new suit! I've been really paying attention to my diet, as well as getting enough sleep and exercise, and I feel a lot more put together recently as a result.
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put people or things together

to join or combine people or things. We will put Sam and Trudy together at the dinner table. Let's put all the crystal goblets together.
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put something together

1. Lit. to assemble something. How long will it take to put dinner together? This model was put together incorrectly.
2. Fig. to consider some facts and arrive at a conclusion. I couldn't put everything together to figure out the answer in time. When I put together all the facts, I found the answer.
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put together

1. Build, assemble, create, as in We put together the new bookcase, or This writer can't put together a coherent sentence. [First half of 1500s]
2. Combine mentally, as in Once she put this and that together she knew exactly what had happened. [First half of 1600s] Also see put our heads together; put two and two together.
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put toˈgether

used when comparing or contrasting somebody/something with a group of other people or things to mean ‘combined’ or ‘in total’: Your department spent more last year than all the others put together.
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put together

1. To construct or create something out of pieces or parts: The carpenter put together a new bookcase. The broker put a revised insurance package together.
2. To group together some set of people or things: Let's put the children together in the guest room.
3. To understand something by considering many pieces of information or ideas: The police reviewed the clues presented by the evidence, but couldn't put them together. The jury tried to put together all of the facts.
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I enjoy starting from scratch and putting something together. You can take a piece of firewood--wood that would otherwise be burnt--and you can turn it into something beautiful.
[Bonnie and I] talked about the idea of putting something together ...
We'd talk about putting something together and we wanted to create a sound that not only had its roots in the 50s and 60s but would also incorporate everything from what I call the golden years of pop culture - 1956 to 1976.
Creativity, on the other hand, to me, is putting something together in a new way," she wrote.
I'm happy to see that more and more companies are putting an emphasis on creating a road map for their content efforts, rather than putting something together and seeing what, if anything, sticks.
I have also been talking to his representative for some time putting something together to thank Kevin for his service.
I have also been talking to his representative for some time, putting something together to thank Kevin for his service.
"Newspapers primarily use us for short summary videos, taking a news event and quickly putting something together that's exclusive," said Singer.
Please keep in mind that there is still the Manuel caveat, but the Bills may actually be putting something together. A wide receiving foursome that also includes second-year men Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin seems to have enough talent to constitute a good passing game, especially when adding in the running back tandem of C.J.
For more call 09050 700 436 Taurus April 21 - May 21 SUBSTANTIAL amounts of energy have been spent putting something together and you're not about to let things fail just because someone is having a moment.
They are putting something together which may take time but we have to show them the utmost respect.
"We are putting something together which we think is the right plan, and hopefully it will be a pretty compelling case."
It's putting something together that could provide support services to both organisations.
To label the "freshly assembled" team that produced '94's opening and closing ceremonies "neophytes" putting something together 'Trom scratch" does inexcusable disservice to a team of accomplished professionals: Tony award-winning designers, composers, and choreographers; nationally recognized creative [individuals], producers, and managers from world-class theatrical companies gathered to create an experience that continues to resonate in the memories of the thousands who were there.
"Ian McCulloch from Echo and the Bunnymen has been on at me to write another song and I might speak to Bernard Sumner from New Order, who did World In Motion, about putting something together.
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