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putt along

to move along rapidly, usually in a motorized vehicle. ("Putt-putt" is the sound made to mimic engines, especially small engines.) The little car was putting along down the highway, when one of the tires went flat. We were putting along very smoothly all the way into town.
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n. a small motorized vehicle, especially a small car. That’s not a motorcycle; it’s just a little putt-putt.
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The app and books we create allow golfers to see all the slopes and breaks of the green, and see the exact line for their putts.
Lastly, observers conferred with each other after each group left the putting green and determined the distance category for every putt that may have been of a questionable length.
And real-time footage of one of history's most famous putts that didn't go in.
This type of goal and target setting will help to recreate the same feeling of pressure that you will experience when you are standing over a match-winning putt on the course.
4 Hit from one side of the green to the other to practice long putts.
This will inevitably be highlighted when faced with that pressure putt to win the Saturday medal.
But he pulled it left and American Todd Hamilton holed his bogey putt to take the championship to a play-off in which Els was the first to crack, bogeying the third of the four shoot-out holes when he missed another make able putt, this time from 12 ft.
Subjects were asked to state on a three-point Likert scale how confident they were that they were going to make the putt they were faced with.
21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Marlie Agency announces the launch of Good Putt(TM)Pro Trainer by Good Putt Golf, a company that specializes in consumer golf training products.
He chipped to within four feet and just misssed the putt.
I have no confidence in my putting and would rather chip from 20-25 feet than putt.
Harrington, who sank the last putt of the 35th Ryder Cup to seal Europe's record victory over the United States at Oakland Hills in September, is more than satisfied with the final product he has helped create.
2nd (391yds, par 4): 1-iron, 9-iron to 12ft, 1 putt.
In a putting performance the champion called "magical," she had 10 one-putt greens Sunday (24 putts overall) en route to a record final round 65, 6-under-par.
Continue to repeat this process moving back to the prior point when a putt is missed.