put (someone) right

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put (someone) right

To correct someone's attitude, belief, or behavior; to make sure someone understands something correctly. I had to put Stephen right after I realized that he'd been operating the machinery wrong this whole time. Helen told me she thought the moon landing was faked, so I had to put her right!
See also: put, right

put right

Fix, make amends, correct, as in The wheel's come off, but we can put that right in no time, or Victor thought we were moving out, but we put him right. [Late 1800s]
See also: put, right

put (or set) someone right

1 restore someone to health. 2 make someone understand the true facts of a situation.
See also: put, right, someone

put/set somebody ˈright

1 tell somebody the truth about something because they have not understood or they have the wrong information: She was telling everybody that I’d written the report so I soon put her right.
2 make somebody feel better: These tablets should put you right.
See also: put, right, set, somebody
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As busy a period as it is, if you pick up wins, and the games come thick and fast, it is a bonus, if you go on a good run between now and the end of Christmas and into the New Year it puts you right back in there, and then we can look forward to the Stoke game (FA Cup tie).
Spatially, the picture is extraordinary: Adams puts you right inside that pickup, even if it's the last place you'd want to be.
Through the unique perspective of large-format cinematography, Africa's Elephant Kingdom thunders across the giant Space Theater dome screen and puts you right in the middle of the action.