put (one) through the wringer

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put (one) through the wringer

To subject one to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to force one to undergo an unpleasant experience. My mother's recent bout with cancer has really put us through the wringer this year.
See also: put, through, wringer

put someone through the wringer

Fig. to give someone a difficult time; to interrogate someone thoroughly. (Alludes to putting something through an old-fashioned clothes wringer.) The lawyer really put the witness through the wringer! The teacher put the students through the wringer.
See also: put, through, wringer

put someone through the wringer (or the mangle)

subject someone to a very stressful experience, especially a severe interrogation. informal
1984 Louise Erdrich Love Medicine I saw that he had gone through the wringer. He was red-eyed, gaunt, and he was drunk.
See also: put, someone, through, wringer

put (someone) through the wringer

To subject to a severe trial or ordeal.
See also: put, through, wringer
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But one thing thou wilt not deny, Sancho; when thou camest close to her didst thou not perceive a Sabaean odour, an aromatic fragrance, a, I know not what, delicious, that I cannot find a name for; I mean a redolence, an exhalation, as if thou wert in the shop of some dainty glover?