put/throw your weight behind something

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put (one's) weight behind (someone or something)

To use one's influence or power to support or promote someone or something. The small-town candidate is hoping the state senator puts his weight behind her in the race. If we can get a corporation to put its weight behind our charity campaign, we can raise even more money.
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throw your weight behind something

COMMON If you throw your weight behind a person or plan, you do everything you can to support them. The U.S. government is promising now to throw its weight behind the peace negotiations. Northern Ireland's three newly elected MEPs have all thrown their weight behind the campaign. Western governments have thrown their weight behind the leader.
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put/throw your weight behind something

use all your influence and power to support something: Several of the country’s leading politicians have thrown their weight behind the campaign.
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If there are any secrets in Thad Starr's garden, they are this: Put your weight behind something you believe in and don't be afraid to push.
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