put your shirt on something

put (one's) shirt on (something)

1. To bet or risk everything one has on something. Tech companies seem to be putting their shirts on virtual reality being the future of the industry. Anyone with a gambling addiction knows the feeling of putting your shirt on a hand of cards, feeling sure it will pay off big time, only to lose everything.
2. By extension, to be absolutely certain that something will happen. I would hope that the industry is moving towards a more customer-friendly position, but I wouldn't put my shirt on it.
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put your shirt on something

mainly BRITISH
If you put your shirt on something, you bet or risk a large amount of money on it, because you are certain that it will win or succeed. I was just thinking you might put your shirt on Golden Boy. It's bound to be a winner, isn't it? Note: You can also say that you lose your shirt, meaning you lose all your money on a bad investment or bet. His father warned him that he knew nothing about shipping and could easily lose his shirt. If you play cards with the big boys, you can lose your shirt.
See also: on, put, shirt, something
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put your ˈshirt on something

(British English, informal) bet a lot or all of your money in a horse race, etc.; invest all your money in something: I’ve put my shirt on Diamond Lady in the 10.15.He put his shirt on the future of the company.
See also: on, put, shirt, something
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