put (someone) in the picture

(redirected from put you in the picture)

put (someone) in the picture

To keep someone informed, aware, or up to date (about something); to involve someone in something. Just make sure you put the boss in the picture about the status of the project. I want to be put in the picture when the jewels are sold. Don't cut me out of the profit!
See also: picture, put

put someone in the picture

COMMON If you put someone in the picture, you tell them about a situation which they need to know about. I believe that I could now produce evidence to prove my case, if you are prepared to listen. I brought you here for that reason, to put you in the picture. Has Inspector Fayard put you in the picture? Note: If you keep someone in the picture, you keep them aware of what is happening in a situation. If he promised to keep her in the picture, maybe she could tell him where she'd got her information? Compare with in the picture.
See also: picture, put, someone

put/keep somebody in the ˈpicture

(informal) give somebody the information they need in order to understand a particular situation, etc: Before you start work, let me put you in the picture about the way the office is run.
See also: keep, picture, put, somebody