put (one) at (one's) ease

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put (one) at (one's) ease

To calm, comfort, or reassure one; to make one comfortable or relaxed. I'd like to put you all at your ease and assure you that there will be no layoffs, so please do not listen to the rumors going around. The duke was renowned for going to great lengths to put his guests at their ease when they called over for social visits.
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put one at (one's) ease

Fig. to cause someone to relax or feel welcome. She usually tells a little joke to put you at your ease. Please do something to put me at ease.
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put/set somebody at (their) ˈease

make somebody feel relaxed, not shy, etc: Try to put the candidate at ease by being friendly and informal.No matter what situation she was in, somehow she always managed to look completely at her ease.
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References in classic literature ?
As for myself, that I may put you at your ease, I tell you that I am generally called `Sinbad the Sailor.'"
Come, come, if nothing else will put you at your ease, I'll make the tea and have a cup with you." I think those were the words, as reported excitably, in my presence, by the Young Person.
Manners are there to put you at your ease, etiquette is all about putting you down" Writer and critic A A Gill "In the 21st century we cannot afford to reduce our influence or to isolate ourselves or shut the curtains and close the doors and wish that the rest of the world would go away" Hilary Benn, shadow Foreign Secretary, who now believes that Britain should remain in the EU
They are a great bunch of people, ready to laugh and smile with you, to put you at your ease. They are kind, caring and always courteous.
THE other person was a chaperone to put you at your ease, not to make you feel awkward.
He's a marvellous surgeon, but above all a gentleman who cares and takes time to talk and put you at your ease.