put/throw your weight behind something

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put (one's) weight behind (someone or something)

To use one's influence or power to support or promote someone or something. The small-town candidate is hoping the state senator puts his weight behind her in the race. If we can get a corporation to put its weight behind our charity campaign, we can raise even more money.
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throw your weight behind something

COMMON If you throw your weight behind a person or plan, you do everything you can to support them. The U.S. government is promising now to throw its weight behind the peace negotiations. Northern Ireland's three newly elected MEPs have all thrown their weight behind the campaign. Western governments have thrown their weight behind the leader.

put/throw your weight behind something

use all your influence and power to support something: Several of the country’s leading politicians have thrown their weight behind the campaign.
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Some circles in the PML-N also support Mushahid Hussain's candidature, given that he also enjoys a good reputation in government and opposition circles, but Sharif and his aides have put weight behind bringing a 'hardliner' at the helm.
In her ruling denying Nwude bail, Justice Dada said, 'though the ailment the defendant is suffering from is a serious one, no material facts have been placed before the court to put weight behind the application.
Abbasi put weight behind Sharif, the party chief, saying the PML-N's vote bank belongs to the ex-premier.
Meanwhile, Apple's largest rival Google has already famously put weight behind a self-driving car, the paper said.
The TUC and trade unions put weight behind the campaign for similar arrangements to be introduced here in large part because there is a direct, causal link between smoking at work and deaths caused by second-hand smoke inhalation.
It is crucial to make this information widespread as it will help to put weight behind the urgent need of policy reform and monetary support so that every child is given the chance to experience arts in schools.
I went up for a header and tried to put weight behind it.
Christopher Barron, Birmingham Royal Ballet's chief executive, said: "The city has built an international reputation building infrastructure and creative artistry with companies such as Birmingham Royal Ballet helping to put weight behind a powerful bid for 2013.
They, along with leading politicians in Europe, have put weight behind the Gazette's Back Our Biofuels campaign.
He put weight behind the campaign for black equality but it was seen at the time as a cynical move to win the liberal vote.
Its glorious chorus matches the most euphoric U2 classic, while its sentiment and structure put weight behind the many REM comparisons the band have gathered.
We wanted a concept that would provoke a reaction and the media plan has been carefully developed to put weight behind the campaign at key times of year.
I am glad that Centrica has recognised this and has chosen to put weight behind a Teesside project.