put (one) at (one's) ease

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put (one) at (one's) ease

To calm, comfort, or reassure one; to make one comfortable or relaxed. I'd like to put you all at your ease and assure you that there will be no layoffs, so please do not listen to the rumors going around. The duke was renowned for going to great lengths to put his guests at their ease when they called over for social visits.
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put one at (one's) ease

Fig. to cause someone to relax or feel welcome. She usually tells a little joke to put you at your ease. Please do something to put me at ease.
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put/set somebody at (their) ˈease

make somebody feel relaxed, not shy, etc: Try to put the candidate at ease by being friendly and informal.No matter what situation she was in, somehow she always managed to look completely at her ease.
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He put us at ease and made sure we spoke to our family before making any final decisions.
The homes were in very bad condition when we first got them, but HMG's knowledge in coating different surfaces put us at ease and the finished homes couldn't look any better, it's amazing what a lick of paint can do
A very informal atmosphere quickly put us at ease and we scrapped our presentation plan and chatted one-to-one with parents instead.
So it was wonderful that right from the start of our stay the concierge made such a special effort to say hello to Cora and Oliver and make them feel welcome - and put us at ease.
Before she went to theatre, he was very reassuring and took a massive weight off our shoulders and put us at ease.
Their knowledge and expertise about milk price and the various scenarios for our business really put us at ease and made making the decision really easy.
Jill and her colleagues instantly put us at ease with their friendly nature and the fact they recognised that the gay community is a valuable, and largely untapped, resource of adopters.
The receptionist immediately turned to our son and asked him whether he would like to have some food delivered for his dinner and then listened patiently to our four-year-old our son was treated like a valued guest, which in turn put us at ease.
Shaikh Humaid put us at ease with his spontaneous replies.
As many primary and middle school students eat our lunches at school, what can you do to put us at ease over food safety " she asked.
Civil servant Alex, 39, said: "It was lovely because it was just a simple ceremony with close family and the staff at the Register Office really put us at ease.
Nicky and her team have been hands-on and have put us at ease throughout the whole process.