put/stick two fingers up at somebody

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put two fingers up at (someone or something)

1. Literally, to raise one's index and middle finger up at someone, with one's hand turned outward (a rude gesture of disrespect in the UK). Primarily heard in UK. It's not uncommon to see young kids putting two fingers up at police in this part of town.
2. By extension, to demonstrate one's disrespect, dislike, or anger towards someone. Primarily heard in UK. Voters have essentially put two fingers up at the political establishment by voting for populist candidates from across the country.
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put/stick two ˈfingers up at somebody

(British English, informal) form the shape of a V with the two fingers nearest your thumb and raise your hand in the air with the back part of it facing somebody, done to be rude to them or to show them that you are angry: He must have been furious — he stuck two fingers up at them and walked out of the room.
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