put together

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put something together

1. Lit. to assemble something. How long will it take to put dinner together? This model was put together incorrectly.
2. Fig. to consider some facts and arrive at a conclusion. I couldn't put everything together to figure out the answer in time. When I put together all the facts, I found the answer.
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put together

1. Build, assemble, create, as in We put together the new bookcase, or This writer can't put together a coherent sentence. [First half of 1500s]
2. Combine mentally, as in Once she put this and that together she knew exactly what had happened. [First half of 1600s] Also see put our heads together; put two and two together.
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put toˈgether

used when comparing or contrasting somebody/something with a group of other people or things to mean ‘combined’ or ‘in total’: Your department spent more last year than all the others put together.
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put together

1. To construct or create something out of pieces or parts: The carpenter put together a new bookcase. The broker put a revised insurance package together.
2. To group together some set of people or things: Let's put the children together in the guest room.
3. To understand something by considering many pieces of information or ideas: The police reviewed the clues presented by the evidence, but couldn't put them together. The jury tried to put together all of the facts.
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Those who love the way buildings are put together are familiar with the German magazine Detail.
Leah Hagreen of the Toronto consulting firm Laurie & Love has helped put together a pilot program for auto dismantlers to pull mercury switches from cars before they are scrapped.
But the two have put together only one Web site--for Ferreira's cousin Paulo Zulu, a male model in Brazil.
The best web site for those consumers looking to get general information about green power programs all across the country was put together by the federal Department of Energy (www.
The coalition "reflects a broad array of the different strands and tendencies in Israeli life," said AJCongress Jack Rosen in a statement, "and the new government therefore can expect to enjoy widespread and substantial support, far more than was granted to the more narrow coalitions put together by Barak's predecessors.
HUO: Sandberg put together "Dylaby" in Amsterdam in '62, and in '66 you organized the even more Interactive exhibition "She" in Stockholm.
It is unique that a community person came up with a concept that cost the District no money and which private companies put together.
For details and suggestions on how to put together a risk management program tailor-made for your facility, contact your insurance carrier.
Maybe we could put together some kind of mock-up in about six months.
Once adopted by a ruling and majority opinion, the court's median policy is difficult to move, as Krehbiel explains, "because a majority can't be put together to move it left, and a majority can't be put together to move it right.
STEVE COPPELL last night challenged Reading to put together a string of wins to catapult them back to the Premier League.
Kobe wants to put together a couple of consecutive good days of practice, when he can push the knee and get explosion one day and not have it unusually sore the next.
That will make it so much easier to put together the kick-off coverage.
So Sauve put together a proposal, submitted it, and with time was awarded the full amount of $20,000.
The best way to do that is to use all the pipe sections when you put together the heater's exhaust stack.