put to the test

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put (someone or something) to the test

To test or evaluate the limits of what someone or something is capable of doing or achieving. Our new mobile game will put your reflexes to the test. I've had a pretty good tournament so far, but my next opponent should put me to the test.
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put someone or something to the test

Fig. to see what someone or something can achieve. I think I can jump that far, but no one has ever put me to the test. I'm going to put my car to the test right now, and see how fast it will go.
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put to the test

Try or check out something or someone, as in This tall grass will put our new lawnmower to the test, or Let's put Harry to the test and see if he knows the last 20 World Series winners. [Mid-1600s]
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put somebody/something to the ˈtest

test somebody/something; find out whether somebody/something is good, bad, true, real, etc: The second part of the contest will put your general knowledge to the test.
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setting" may take on new meaning if the revolutionary design for a jet called HyperSoar is put to the test.
If it's your birthday, relationships are put to the test, possibly due to an absence, but don't worry about history repeating itself.
4 Celebrate St Patrick's Day with our traditional recipes 5 Emma Jenkins has some vitamin packed juices to try 6 Troy Turkish restaurant is put to the test and Vish has an unusual curry recipe 7 It's time to spring clean your garden 8&9 Enjoy the craic on a trip to Dublin 10 Pick a fantastic holiday from our readers' selection 11 10 great reasons to visit the Lake District 12&13 TV highlights 14 Your seven day TV listings Edited by Margaret O'Reilly email: margaret.
Little surprise really that few peo ple when put to the test knew what myrrh was.
NEW flood protection measures were put to the test at the weekend as heavy rain swelled the river Severn.
C to New York to New Orleans, their friendship is put to the test as they search for love--encountering the ups and downs, deceptions and suspicions
During Operation Desert Shield/Storm, the diverse abilities of HC-2's personnel and aircraft were put to the test.
It is the time when truths emerge and reactions axe pivotal It is a time when relationships are put to the test and circumstances draw people to investigate themselves.
This week, Lachlan's sunny disposition is put to the test when he is left seriously injured following a fall into an empty swimming pool - but it's Claire who reaches the end of her tether first when she tires of nursing him and changing his bed pans.
Days after the hospital standoff, those powers may have been put to the test when the Myanmar army overran the Htoos' isolated jungle hideout.
But Godolphin have been nursing her back to fitness, and at Newmarket this afternoon their efforts will be put to the test as the filly takes on a high-class field in the Group 2 Falmouth Stakes.
While these images are infused with a healthy dose of humor, they are not parodies but, rather, emblems of masculinity put to the test.