put to the test

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put (someone or something) to the test

To test or evaluate the limits of what someone or something is capable of doing or achieving. Our new mobile game will put your reflexes to the test. I've had a pretty good tournament so far, but my next opponent should put me to the test.
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put someone or something to the test

Fig. to see what someone or something can achieve. I think I can jump that far, but no one has ever put me to the test. I'm going to put my car to the test right now, and see how fast it will go.
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put to the test

Try or check out something or someone, as in This tall grass will put our new lawnmower to the test, or Let's put Harry to the test and see if he knows the last 20 World Series winners. [Mid-1600s]
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put somebody/something to the ˈtest

test somebody/something; find out whether somebody/something is good, bad, true, real, etc: The second part of the contest will put your general knowledge to the test.
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His belief that all human life is equally important is put to the test when he must choose between operating on an important politician, or a young boy who has been shot in the head.
The Happy Elf follows the story of Eubie, a hard-working Santa's helper whose positive take on life is put to the test when he decides to bring Christmas cheer to the gloomy town of Bluesville.
Along their journey, feelings get hurt, family issues intervene and their solid-as-a-rock friendships are put to the test.
A children's theater director and his actress wife are put to the test when they meet up with an old lady (played by Marian Seldes) who owns an abandoned historic theater they would dearly love to acquire.
Given the recent flood of congressional filibusters surrounding recent presidential nominations, Cox's intestinal fortitude may be put to the test before he even takes office.
Three prototypes of the HIMARS were "very successful" and "never missed a mission" when put to the test in Iraq with the 18th Airborne Corps' 3rd Battalion, 27th Field Artillery, Colvin said.
They will truly be put to the test when they are called on to vote on the request from the primates of the Anglican Communion that the Canadian church "voluntarily withdraw" its members from the Anglican Consultative Council.
Last winter, Colonna's goal was put to the test. A high school photography class created a display of various versions of "family"; one featured same-sex parents.
HM-15's ability to rapidly deploy airborne mine countermeasures (AMCM) and a heavy-lift combat logistics capability anywhere in the world within 72 hours was put to the test twice during forward-deployed operations in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom (OIF).
Right after he took command, he was put to the test."
It has now been put to the test in 133 patients recruited in Switzerland and Spain.
What would otherwise be the pleasure and excitement of reading a study on the topic of perpetual change is put to the test by a series of questionable conclusions that steadily chisel away the patience of the reader.
Even the best planning and prevention can still result in an outage requiring your business continuity plan to be put to the test. In the insurance industry, many companies have reported that even when the systems portion of their disaster recovery plan worked as needed, the people aspect of the plan can cause unexpected difficulty.
Nowhere in the world is e-money being put to the test on this scale.