put to the test

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put (someone or something) to the test

To test or evaluate the limits of what someone or something is capable of doing or achieving. Our new mobile game will put your reflexes to the test. I've had a pretty good tournament so far, but my next opponent should put me to the test.
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put someone or something to the test

Fig. to see what someone or something can achieve. I think I can jump that far, but no one has ever put me to the test. I'm going to put my car to the test right now, and see how fast it will go.
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put to the test

Try or check out something or someone, as in This tall grass will put our new lawnmower to the test, or Let's put Harry to the test and see if he knows the last 20 World Series winners. [Mid-1600s]
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put somebody/something to the ˈtest

test somebody/something; find out whether somebody/something is good, bad, true, real, etc: The second part of the contest will put your general knowledge to the test.
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16 Blocks" - Loyalty is put to the test when Jack (Bruce Willis), a burnt-out NYC detective, has to transport a fast-talking convict from jail to the courthouse 16 blocks away.
Haghdan, the all-time leading scorer for the Highland High girls' soccer program, will be put to the test in her first match for Long Beach State.
This prognosis is put to the test early on, as Caroline witnesses the old man performing feats of strength that would amaze the Flying Wallendas.
The revolutionary capabilities of the TSM|MediaEffect survey were put to the test during a recent mobile advertising campaign conducted by Ogilvy's Digital Innovation Group and its client, Lenovo.
For example, the "zapping time" feature -- how quickly programs can be selected and changed via the remote control -- is put to the test in a real-world multiplay scenario and optimized with state of the art IP network capabilities.
They will be put to the test again tonight by a Washington Wizards team whose starting backcourt of Gilbert Arenas (Grant High of Van Nuys) and Larry Hughes scorched the Lakers for 70 points in a 120-116 victory Dec.
The competition is decided through theoretical and practical exercises in which the participant' skill and knowledge of trucks and heavy engines are put to the test.
This winter, Stoneman's creativity could be put to the test, beginning today and continuing well into January.
Loyalty is put to the test when Jack, a burnt-out NYC detective has to transport a fast-talking convict from jail to the courthouse 16 blocks away.
Those statements will be put to the test at 7 tonight when the Cougars (5-0) play host to the most athletic opponent on their schedule, Compton Community College (2-3), in a Western State Conference interdivision contest.
The new cleanroom system, suitable for wafer and chip processing, was recently put to the test when wildfires broke out in the surrounding area causing interstate and roadway closures.
Boston starter Curt Schilling on Monday called Guerrero ``Barry Bonds with less patience,'' and his hack-happy style will be put to the test of facing nothing but top-shelf starters come playoff time.
Smyth says that with the majority on the water board, Plambeck's views will finally be put to the test.