put to rest

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put something to rest

 and lay something to rest
Fig. to put an end to a rumor; to finish dealing with something and forget about it. I've heard enough about Ann and her illness. I'd like to put the whole matter to rest. I'll be happy to lay it to rest, but will Jane?
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References in classic literature ?
Once in a great while, the thoughts that had seemed so vital and so active, yet had been put to rest so quietly, revived again.
Put to rest in Davy Jones's locker this many a day, as likely as not.
Elaborate photo- ops followed, with the two hostesses posing, as if to put to rest all recent rumours that Kangana was irked about Priyanka getting a few of the popular awards for Mary Kom over her Queen .
7 ( ANI ): Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath on Friday appealed to the members of Telangana and Seemandhra regions to put forth their views on Telangana without causing any disruptions, and added that this matter can only be put to rest by a vote in the Parliament.
Summary: DUBAI -- Emirates on Wednesday put to rest speculation in aviation circles that it is planning four new routes into India.
Any lingering doubts about whether the Eugene Emeralds will in fact move to the University of Oregon's PK Park this summer should be put to rest this afternoon when the Ems and the university hold a news conference to formally announce the finalizing of the agreement.
Jason's dad Alistair, from Aberdeen, said: "If you listen to the first track - well, I wouldn't say that's Jason put to rest but it lets Corinne get on with the rest of the album.
And with the world expecting hostilities to be resumed at this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix, Dennis felt it imperative the matter was put to rest.
After weeks of often heated discussion, the Hart high school board has put to rest the issue of overcrowding at West Ranch High School, opting to send incoming Castaic-area freshmen classes to two other high schools.
Chrysler execs hope this new advancement will put to rest any concerns Jeep aficionados may have as the brand launches a family of products based on the front-wheel drive C-segment platform--and along with it end the discussion of "sissy Jeeps.
If their interpretation is accepted by the academic community, it will put to rest the "Inca paradox"--the question of why these early Americans had the only complex empire with no written form of communication.
The announcement that Marsh & McLennan would keep the businesses put to rest recent speculation that Marsh intended to divest itself of Putnam, which has suffered financially from regulatory investigations and lawsuits over alleged market timing and excessive short-term trading by its employees, as well as "shelf space" arrangements with broker-dealers.
This issue needs to be put to rest before we [can] make a broad recommendation" regarding calcium supplements, he says.
Des Moines, the Supreme Court put to rest the notion that "either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate," ruling that only demonstrable disruption of a public school's educational mission can be restricted.
Something evil lurks under the surface on the lovely island of Raven's Point, and unless it is put to rest, it will destroy everything and everyone in its path.