put to bed

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put (someone or something) to bed

1. To help someone, typically a child, prepare for and get into bed at night. I'll give you a call after I put the kids to bed. Tom had a bit too much to drink, so I'm going to put him to bed.
2. To complete something or some initial preparatory phase. I thought you'd put the proofreading for that edition to bed weeks ago! We should be able to put this project to bed next week.
3. To stop discussing, thinking about, or focusing on something. OK, I think we have to agree to disagree. Let's just put the issue to bed and stop arguing. Why are you still being so jealous? I thought we'd put this all to bed ages ago.
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put someone to bed

 and send someone to bed
to make someone go to bed. Mother put Jimmy to bed and kissed him. Sally was naughty and was sent to bed.
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put something to bed

Fig. to complete work on something and send it on to the next step in production, especially in publishing. (From put someone to bed.) This week's edition is finished. Let's put it to bed. Finish the editing of this book and put it to bed.
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put to bed

Complete something and either set it aside or send it on to the next step, as in We put the magazine to bed at ten, or They said they'd put the whole project to bed at least a month ago. This expression, transferring nighttime retirement to other kinds of completion, was first applied to a newspaper, where it meant "send to press," that is, start to print. [Mid-1900s]
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put to bed

1. To make final preparations for the printing of (a newspaper, for example).
2. To make final preparations for completing (a project).
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The care workers tell me they are worried that the two visits will be bundled together with the result that the service users will face being put to bed at 6.
Speculation about Australian vice-captain Shane Watson's Test future was put to bed Monday with an announcement that he will return to India after serving a one-match ban.
Jeff Wolfer was able to overcome any issues, and worked closely to get this deal put to bed.
Starving artist' is one label some business-minded and art-inspired individuals in North Bay hope to put to bed.
With its auto-reset feature, it automatically goes into monitoring mode when the resident is put to bed.
And, after all is said and done, and another column is put to bed, the real question is this: Who wrote this column -- Den or Dan?
Once Sleeping Beauty is put to bed, he'll stage a new Nutcracker and produce a repertory evening as part of BB's regular season.
EMC Corp appears to have put to bed any lingering concerns over its largest single piece of OEM business by getting Hewlett- Packard Co to ink a three-year reseller agreement.
In June 1995, the Ergonomic Protection Standard, as it is known, was put to bed, with OSHA Administrator Joseph Dear saying, "OSHA will continue to work on developing a standard that will have support from reasonable people.
By announcing they'll instead show the first Champions League of Darts - starring the top eight players of the PDC Order of Merit - it put to bed 38 years of covering the BDO event.
While there was no evidence of physical abuse, residents were not dressed properly, they were put to bed at 7pm even in the summer and forced to wait for meals for hours on end.
It is hugely disappointing that it could not have been sorted out between the individuals and put to bed behind closed doors.
We have a true story about a child who was put to bed with the Tweed children one night in mistake by my father "Percy" Tweed, (his real name was Robert Rueben but was called Percy).
Because this is the day that the title dream could be put to bed.
Maybe things might not have been resolved, but it could have been put to bed, made easier maybe, if the handshake was done.