put through paces

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put (someone or something) through its/(one's) paces

To thoroughly test or examine someone or something so as to evaluate one's or its worth, ability, or functionality. I hope you're prepared for a lot of testing at your interview—the company really puts applicants through their paces, to make sure they can handle the stress of the job. Whenever you're buying a piece of equipment second hand, it's best to put it through its paces before you hand over the money for it. I can't wait to take this new sports car out on the open road so I can put it through its paces!
See also: pace, put, through

put somebody/something through their/its ˈpaces

test somebody’s/something’s ability to do something by making them/it show how well they/it can actually perform certain actions, tasks, etc: We watched the trainer putting the police dog through its paces.They’re putting the new machinery through its paces.
These expressions refer to judging the performance of a horse before deciding to buy it.

put (someone) through (someone's) paces

To cause to demonstrate ability or skill; test: The drama coach put her students through their paces before the first performance.
See also: pace, put, through