put things right

put (something) right

To fix, correct, or make amends for something. I know I said some things I shouldn't have, so I'm here to put things right between us. We need to put this right before we launch the product, or else we'll have bigger problems once it's in the wild.
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ˌput things ˈright

do something to improve a difficult situation or correct a mistake: The company is inefficient. A good director could put things right very quickly.
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References in classic literature ?
He gave me a look of appeal, so that I might put things right, but, unable to control myself, I shook with helpless laughter.
Whenever she said nothing and blinked her eyes, it meant that somebody had been making trouble, and she was thinking out some way to put things right. People who made trouble for Polynesia or her friends were nearly always sorry for it afterwards.
"I thought you would have helped me to put things right with Blanche," he said.
However, Time and the progress of modern enlightenment put things right; and the mis-alliance passed muster very well.
And keeper Walton, recalled for his first start since New Year's Day, admitted it was time to put things right. "Whoever we played we would have been flying out of the trap," said the former England Under-21 international, on loan from Brighton.
"We knew it was going to be tough at the start of the season and now we're at a stage where we need to try to put things right.
The garage say it will cost at least PS1200 to put things right. I am furious.
A spokesman said: "A member of our business banking team is in the process of getting in touch with the customer to put things right.
Pete's attempts to put things right with the San Martins dosn't go to plan, Karen encourages Kevin to build bridges with Hughie and Damien, and Caoimhe tries to put things right, but is it too little too late?
I said it was wrong then and have proved to be right, so how do these officials put things right? This family must be living in terror.
He said: "We dropped off too much against Zebre and the team need to put things right."
He said: "It is proper that we put things right where they have gone wrong."
HONEST Giants captain Danny Brough knows the players owe it to themselves and the fans to put things right tonight.