put (one) to sleep

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put (one) to sleep

1. To cause one to fall asleep. My medication always puts me to sleep, so I can't take it before driving. Some calming music usually puts the kids right to sleep.
2. To cause one to be extremely bored, to the point of being distracted or sleepy. Today's lecture really put me to sleep. You need to work on your speech, or you're going to put your audience to sleep!
3. To render one unconscious via general anesthesia (as during a medical procedure). They're going to put me to sleep while they take my wisdom teeth out.
4. To euthanize an animal. We knew our poor dog was suffering, so we decided it was time to put her to sleep.
See also: put, sleep

put (someone or an animal) to sleep

1. to cause someone or an animal to sleep, perhaps through drugs or anesthesia. The doctor put the patient to sleep before the operation. I put the cat to sleep by stroking its tummy.
2. Euph. to kill someone or an animal. We had to put our dog to sleep. The robber said he'd put us to sleep forever if we didn't cooperate.
See also: put, sleep

put someone to sleep

1. to bore someone. That dull lecture put me to sleep. Her long story just put me to sleep.
2. Go to put someone or an animal to sleep.
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put to sleep

1. Bore utterly, as in That show put me to sleep. This hyperbolic term implies that something is so dull one could fall asleep.
2. Kill, especially as a kindness, as in We had to put the cat to sleep. This euphemism dates from the mid-1900s.
3. Subject to anesthesia, as in This injection will put you to sleep so you won't feel any pain.
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put somebody/something to ˈsleep

1 give somebody drugs (= an anaesthetic) before an operation to make them unconscious: Before the operation we’ll put you to sleep, so don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing.
2 kill a sick or injured animal by giving it drugs so that it dies without pain: She took her old dog to the vet and he put it to sleep.

put to sleep

1. To make weary; bore.
2. To subject to euthanasia.
3. To subject to general anesthesia.
See also: put, sleep
References in classic literature ?
"Well, then, say BAUDOYER to the court and clergy, to divert suspicion and put them to sleep, and then, at the last moment, write RABOURDIN."
The Question: Are parents who swaddle their babies more likely to put them to sleep in a supine (face up, on the back) position?
The puppies looked sickly so the shelter vet decided to put them to sleep. Wall-E was injected with deadly doses of sedatives - once in the paw, and once in the heart.
The old trainers say a two-and-a-half-miler can win the National if you put them to sleep for the first half of the race, and there's no-one better at that than Ruby.
Can the municipality put them to sleep, or neuter them, or even better ship them off to a remote island and throw in a few cats for company?
Surely it costs more to put them to sleep than to pass them on and isn't that my money they're spending?
Twenty years ago the advice was to put babies to sleep on their tummies butnow the advice is to put them to sleep on their backs to avoid cot death.
In another test, the researchers injected seven NPY-deficient mice and seven of their normal littermates with a dose of alcohol large enough to put them to sleep for up to an hour.
I worked there, as did many others, having to deal with all these unwanted animals, injured and abused and having to put them to sleep and doing the best we could because we loved the animals so much.
Vet Steve Dixon said: "Vets are in business to treat and save lives of animals, not to put them to sleep because of cost."
Vets treat animals better when they put them to sleep, said researchers, who called for the practice to be halted.