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This just shows what can happen when a dedicated group of gay people, only two or three of whom are actually homosexual, put their heads together. It makes all this cloak-and-dagger stuff worthwhile.
The seeds of the group, dubbed the Coalition for Cargo Security and Law Enforcement, were planted last summer when the National Cargo Security Council (NCSC) invited dozens of organizations deeply involved with cargo theft issues to put their heads together. As NCSC Chairman Lou Tyska says, the NCSC took the lead because it considered itself "the only true intermodal security agency," as well as one with the widespread support of law enforcement, insurers, shippers, transporters, and others in the industry.
Fifty thousand film buffs put their heads together and drew up a blueprint of the perfect Hollywood epic - and came up with a sci-fi film starring Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe.
Why don't the heads of the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches put their heads together and try their hand at solving the Irish dilemma?
Later a small group of townspeople gather and literally put their heads together, weaving their faces in a stacked head pose reminiscent of Nijinska's Les Noces.
It just takes a few people who put their heads together and say, "Let's do something." It might be getting the kids involved in cleaning up the mess that other people have left.
Finally, after physician Mary Harlan Murphy had appeared and removed the toothpick, patient and doctor put their heads together and planned the next logical step -- at least for people in the medical and academic communities: Publish.
After the end of World War II when the gruesome effects of war devastated most of the world, the victors put their heads together to establish an organisation to secure global peace and world order.
Authorities including the SFA need to put their heads together to make sure matches like Saturday's final aren't overshadowed by violence and bigotry.
So volunteers Rob Thomson and Carolyn Jacob, from the Merthyr Tydfil Heritage Trust, put their heads together and decided to fund the heritage hero's website with their calendar, Secrets of Cyfarthfa.
Contestants and show bosses had to put their heads together at the 11th hour to come up with new act names that weren't too different from the original identities, so viewers can keep up.
YOUNGSTERS from across the region will put their heads together to develop business ideas that not only benefit their local community but also make a profit.
The seven North East council leaders and their chief executives have to put their heads together and turn the authority's potential into real benefits - real infrastructure and real jobs.
So the innovative infection control nurses put their heads together and approached private firm Roma Medical to help them create a better model.
THIS WEEK BBC One, 12.05am Industry stalwarts, journalist and broadcaster Andrew Neil, Britain's first black MP Diane Abbot, right, and former Tory MP Michael Portillo put their heads together to debate topics in Westminster and the wider world with a punchy and satirical take.
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