put the squeeze on (one)

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put the squeeze on (one)

1. To pressure one to do something. We need to put the squeeze on those guys so that they finally pay their debt to us.
2. To create challenges or problems for one. The way house prices have been climbing in this neighborhood is really putting the squeeze on first-time buyers.
See also: on, put, squeeze

put the squeeze on someone

1. Inf. to attempt to get money out of someone. The mob put the squeeze on all the merchants, threatening to break their windows if they didn't pay. Are you trying to put the squeeze on me for more money?
2. Go to put the heat on (someone).
See also: on, put, squeeze

put the squeeze on someone/something

1. If a person or a situation puts the squeeze on someone or something, they cause difficulties or pressure for them. Retailers and banks have put the squeeze on credit card fraud. Two government reforms have put the squeeze on consultants who rely on private work to push up their incomes.
2. If someone puts the squeeze on you, they try to make you give them money. He put the squeeze on Diana for £1,000.

put the ˈsqueeze on somebody (to do something)

(informal) put pressure on somebody to act in a particular way; make a situation difficult for somebody: Rising fuel prices are putting the squeeze on farmers and transport businesses.
See also: on, put, somebody, squeeze