put the skids under somebody/something

put the skids under (someone or something)

To cause the ruin, failure, or defeat of someone or something. Her frequent absences from work put the skids under any hopes she had of a promotion. The boss accused Theresa of trying to put the skids under him.
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put the skids under someone or something

Sl. to cause someone or something to fail. Her lateness put the skids under our presentation to the board of directors. He thought he could get promoted if he put the skids under the vice president.
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put the skids under

Bring about the failure or defeat of, as in It was lack of funds that put the skids under the new senior center. The skids here are runners or rollers on which a heavy object may be moved. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
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put the skids under something

If a person or thing puts the skids under something or someone, they cause them to experience many problems or fail. It was a sudden increase in the oil price which first put the skids under the world economy. The Brazilian striker's fifth-minute goal helped put the skids under Manchester United in their quarter-final in Munich last month.
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put the skids under

hasten the decline or failure of. informal
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put the ˈskids under somebody/something

(informal) make somebody/something fail; stop somebody/something doing something: Unfortunately the government has put the skids under the hospital building programme.
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